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November 16, 2014 · 12:58 pm

Tonight: Learn About Direct Primary Care & Good MD

Dr Huynh Bio a

Meet Dr. Thuc Huynh and learn more about her patient membership practice tonight.

When: November 10, 2014 6:30PM-8:00PM
Where: Memorial Art Gallery 500 University Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
Who: Any Individuals, Families, Self Employed Business Owners or Corporations looking for a great HealthCare option. Bring a friend; bring your boss.

Refreshments & Appetizers will be served.

Please let us know if you plan to attend, or have questions:

Read more about this in my October blog post.

Good MD

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Pop Up at Pickle Factory in Pittsford

Pop Up and Shop

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November 9, 2014 · 9:28 pm

Do Good & Feel Good with Heather Collins, LMT

Heather Collins

I visited Heather Collins in 2013 after she was recommended by a friend, who respected Heather’s intuitive skills, which is something I was looking for. Some people may call her a “psychic”; Heather prefers the term spiritual healer. I was feeling very stuck but couldn’t figure out why or what to do about it. Heather helped me get unstuck. There was no giant eureka moment, but over the weeks following my appointment with her, I was able to put it all together. You can read about my experience here.

I only went to Heather that one time (Hilton is almost an hour away from Fairport) and have never had a massage by her. I just like her. When I received today’s email offer, I asked her if I could share it because I like that she’s tying her offer of a discount to a good deed. It feels good to do good – and if discounted massage comes your way as a result, all the better. The details are below and her contact info is at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

November Special with Katherine’s Therapeutic Massage

Bring in at least $5 worth of any of the items below and get $10 off a massage in November! Clients with Packages will receive an additional 10 minutes of treatment!

(Supplies will be donated to area families through the Hilton Baptist Church.)

• Toilet Paper
• Paper Towels
• Tissues
• Shampoo & Conditioner
• Body Soap
• Deodorant
• Toothpaste & Toothbrushes
• Mouthwash
• Dish Soap
• Spray Cleaners

Heather Collins LMT at Katherine’s Therapeutic Massage
109 Lake Avenue
Hilton, New York


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New! Holiday Guide – from Sweet Whimsy Designs!

Holiday Guide 2014

Leandra Sweet is an amazing woman I met at Rochester Brainery in 2013. I’ve watched her peg dolls get more refined and creative than you could ever believe possible for a peg doll. Such detail on tiny pieces of wood!

I saw a mention from her in social media a few weeks ago, that she was putting together a holiday guide. It caught my eye because that is something I specifically wanted to search out this year, for the four entities that I passionately promote:

My own paper art business, Pine Tree Designs.

My actual steady-paying job, the manager of the gift department of Fairport Pharmacy.

My beloved community of artists, Rochester Artisans.

My newest venture, Hungerford 318, a shop in The Hungerford that I co-own with Jean Keane, Lori Prince, Mary Terziani and Tom Zachman.

I’ve barely researched it, know I have to start earlier in the year, but at least holiday guides are on my radar now. I’ve been mainly focusing on navigating the world of press releases and just learning what promotional options are available, outside of Facebook. 2014 has been the year of remembering there is life outside of Facebook. No, really!


Which brings us to Instagram. When it first arrived on the social media scene, I made a conscious decision to stay away from it, simply because I did not want One More Thing. But during the last few months I’ve noticed more and more usage of it and have heard it’s great for promoting and sharing.

So I opened an account a couple of weeks ago and I love it! Which is maybe what I was afraid of in the first place. :-) I, like most artists I guess, am a very visual person. Second only to Pinterest, I love the visual fulfillment I get from Instagram. Like I said, I’m new – only have 10 posts so far.

Back to Leandra Sweet. I love her blog, I love seeing photos of her 3 little Sweets, 2 girls and 1 boy; she homeschools them. I love her enthusiasm and passion. And boy, is she all over Instagram!

When the student is ready, Leandra appears! I am in her {Handmade} Holiday Gift Guide 2014, featuring the gift shop at Fairport Pharmacy, home to 60+ local artisans – and Hungerford 318. Leandra introduced me to the world of giveaway loops on Instagram. I love learning new things! Ours runs through November 6 so I wanted to get this posted ASAP to alert you. You’ll recognize a good number of Rochester Artisans as you loop through the shops. (The instructions are included here.

This giveaway loop heavily features shops which sell stuff for kids, which makes sense since that is the demographic for Leandra’s peg dolls and she has little kids. I finally re-opened my Etsy shop this week and really need to beef that up, and then I can very easily see myself getting into more of these, geared more toward my demographic. I can also see myself running a few of these throughout 2015. (Oops! Was that out loud??)

In the span of the 7 hours this giveaway loop has been up, my followers increased from 72 to 596. See why I need to stock up my Etsy shop?? If only a fraction of those 596 turned into buyers, I’d be happy.

Christmas Tree Card Kit

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Link Gallery at City Hall

John Retallack Photos at City Hall

The City of Rochester values the visual arts as an educational and aesthetic experience. More importantly, the City sees local art as part of the culture of this region. With this in mind, the Link Gallery, established 1981, promotes the art and art culture of the area.

The gallery, located at 30 Church St., is on the first floor of City Hall in the corridor that connects Building A to Building B. It is opened Monday – Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Free, handicapped accessible and open to the public, the Link is easy to get to from anywhere in the City.

Annual showcases include The Hispanic Heritage Month exhibition and The Black History Month exhibition.

Pieces are prepared for installation by the artists themselves and are displayed along the corridor using wire/ceiling mount suspension system. This presentation allows for viewers to walk along the corridor and view one piece at a time.

The Link Gallery is maintained by a volunteer coordinator who maintains the viewing schedule. The coordinator can be contacted with any further questions through the Special Events Office at 585-428-6690.

2014-15 Link Gallery Exhibition Schedule

• Now through Sept. 8: Image City Photography Gallery Partners Exhibition;

• Sept. 9 to Oct. 27: Hispanic Heritage Exhibition;

• Oct. 28 to Dec. 8: Veteran, Whispers & Profiles – Photography by John Retallack;

• Dec. 9 to Jan. 26: Arena Group Exhibition;

• Jan. 27 to March 23: Black History Heritage Exhibition;

• March 24 to May 4: Photo Club sponsored by Genesee Center for Arts Education & New Ideas; and

• May 5 to June 21: Artists’ Breakfast Group Exhibition.

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Ornament Sale to Benefit 3 Area Rescues

Ornament Sale Poster 500

Several Rochester Artisans have hand crafted ornaments in this sale
at Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp and Day Care!

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The Museum – Mind Connection

Photo by Annette Dragon. Pumpkin from Corning Museum of Glass.

Photo by Annette Dragon. Pumpkin from Corning Museum of Glass.

“If you’ve ever been moved by a beautiful piece of art, you’re actually following a natural biological inclination. According to a new field called neuroaesthetics, the human brain appears to be built for art appreciation. Scientists are now exploring the reasons why.”

Photo by Annette Dragon. Pumpkin from Corning Museum of Glass.

Photo by Annette Dragon. Pumpkin from Corning Museum of Glass.

“It’s no wonder the brain gets going on so many levels. Art therapy has been proven effective, for example, in helping with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia because it keeps the mind active – stimulating the senses, triggering memories and inviting connections with others through conversation.”

Photo by Annette Dragon. Pumpkin from Corning Museum of Glass.

Photo by Annette Dragon. Pumpkin from Corning Museum of Glass.

Read more of Robin Flanigan’s article in the October 2014 issue of Rochester Magazine.

The Museum - Mind Connection by Robin Flanigan


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Festival of Trees 2014 to Benefit George Eastman House


Rochester Artisan Barbara Tuttle owns Glimmer Jewels and she is also a docent at The George Eastman House. In 2012 she alerted me to their annual Festival of Trees fundraiser that she thought might be a good fit for us. Community members decorate a 3′ tree provided (with lights) by the Eastman House, and donate it back to the house, to be sold in a silent auction. They also auction wreaths in the same manner, I believe and it’s held along with their wonderful gingerbread house exhibition. Barb was right – this tree thing is right up our alley!

So we did our first tree in 2012.

We participated again in 2013, with even better results! This time we knew what we were doing and we decorated the tree together, which was really fun. There may have been wine involved.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Major thanks to Lori Prince for taking such fabulous photographs for us.

You see where this is going, don’t you? We’re doing a tree for 2014! We are holding our tree decorating party in the exact same space in The Hungerford Building that we did last year – but under new management. Last year, Rochester Artisan and painter Ann Campbell very generously offered her studio for our tree decorating party. This year, by coincidence, the same suite is now home to Hungerford 318, a partnership of 5 artists, all of whom are Rochester Artisans (Jean Keane, Lori Prince, Stefani Tadio, Mary Terziani and Tom Zachman).

The party is on November 8, which is Second Saturday so other studios and shops will be open as well. Second Saturday runs 10:00 – 3:00 but we’ll define the party as just two hours.

Saturday, November 8
11:00 – 1:00
Hungerford 318 (use door 2)
The Hungerford Building
1115 East Main Street
Rochester, NY 14609

Bring as many ornaments as you’d like because we’ve learned it’s impossible to have too many ornaments. (The first year we did this, we went to see the Festival of Trees and were amazed at how packed some of the trees were with ornaments.) Your ornaments must be handmade. (And if you happen to have or see stuff on clearance, we can also use “filler” things – ribbons, “picks”, etc. Not much is needed, but we found a little something here and there really fills out the tree.)

Light refreshments will be served. There is an elevator with attendant to help you to the 3rd floor, or you can walk the stairs. There is temporary handicap access so if that is needed, please let us know know at what time you’ll be coming so we can schedule the building manager or one of us to be available to help you.

If you are unable to attend the tree decorating party, but still want to participate, you can make arrangements to get your ornaments to us by emailing The five us live all over the area so I’m sure we can work something out mutually convenient.

Kindly RSVP so we can make proper arrangements and send reminders as the date approaches. The sign on the finished tree will indicate it was donated by Rochester Artisans, but technically any artist is welcome to join us. We just want a really creatively beautiful tree that will raise big bucks for the George Eastman House and to have fun doing it.


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Creepy Funny Furry = Nov 7 with 4 Buffalo Artists

Creepy Funny Furry

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