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Artist Chakala Booker makes tires look incredibly graceful!

I changed our name from Rochester Crafters to Rochester Artisans last week. I think it better reflects who we are. I keep thinking if I’d known this group was going to turn into “all this” – I would have given the name more thought in the beginning!

We’re still tweaking this and that. The purple “Join” button in the upper right hand corner takes you our Yahoo site which has the same files and links available – just a new name. All members of Rochester Crafters were seamlessly transitioned to Rochester Artisans.

Spread the word – we welcome new members! We’re all here to learn, gro and spread our love of art.

Look how great our seats were! (The field looks so much bigger on TV. )

I just came back from a 4-day weekend in beautiful downtown Baltimore. Steve and I excel at vacations, I must say. We do a little for him, a little for me, and lots for us. The Orioles happened to be in town the weekend we were planning to be there so we booked a hotel right across the street from Camden Yards and took in Saturday’s game. We also had a front row seat for the shenanigans of the Friday and Sunday games too. They close the street the hotel is on, food & merchandise vendors abound. I watched them set up through the eyes of someone who has experienced outdoor festivals – so interesting! Steve is an Astros fan so he didn’t have a vested interest in who won – just wanted to see another pro-sports game. Me? I was a little bored during the game because by then, the people watching had tapered off. I really wanted to take my stitching to the game, but refrained.

Part of the building is covered in mirror and glass mosaic pieces. The welcome mat is made in part of old toothbrushes!

So to balance out the Orioles game, we visited two art galleries on Sunday. First up we visited the American Visionary Art Museum. I love this place! We went there a couple of years ago when we passed through Baltimore on our way to Virginia Beach. That is where I first learned of, one of my passions ever since. There were Post Secret postcards attached to the walls, winding throughout the gallery. Some made me laugh, some made me tear up. Such a fascinating concept.

This time there were a few dozen postcards because the major theme of this exhibit was “What Makes Us Smile”. Most of the art was not my style, but it’s imaginative and colorful. Lots was collagey, which my brain sees as “disorganized” – artistic, for sure – just not my style.

Reginald M Lewis Museum

Next we found our way to the Reginald F. Lewis Museum because I wanted to see the Material Girls exhibit. “Extreme Art” is my favorite kind, as you tell by now – weird things made out of interesting materials. Lucky for us, admission was free that weekend, as part of their 6th anniversary celebration.

My favorite piece, by Sonya Clark - a "quilt" of combs, wrapped with colorful thread. Yes, I like my art organized and all lined up. Does this surprise you??

There was a 3rd place I was interested in visiting – it was a store, a gift shop of work by 30 artisans, but it was a little further than I wanted to walk that day so we skipped it.

I cannot encourage you enough, to seek out art galleries and museums wherever you are – in your hometown or when traveling. I was so inspired, I had to stop and take some notes on my iPhone – things I wanted to remember for the August exhibit by Rochester Artisans, at the gallery at the Historic Dryer House Emporium. Stay tuned for more details on that.



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