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2011 Reflections

Glass Artist Marusca Gatto recently posted a question on our Yahoo email list (join button is on the upper right corner of this page) that had us all thinking about what we learned from our 2011 shows.

    A great show is so much more than making money.

    Our work doesn’t need to look like other artists’ work to be considered ‘art’.

    To show gratitude to those who buy from us because there are so many artists out there (really good ones!) that when someone selects you to purchase from, it’s the ultimate compliment.

    To appreciate customers who return to the booth because they have looked and decided they like your work enough to return and buy.

    To show interest in people and be kind to those who don’t or can’t buy.

    I learned how brave we all are out there.

    To expand your horizons one needs to travel further than one hour away.

    Accepting credit cards increases sales.

    A creative mind is something to be in awe of.

    Sometimes the more you pay for a show, the less amenities you get – and vice versa.

    Smiling and standing is so much better than sitting behind a table and becoming part of the background.

    Never underestimate the last-hour rush.

    I can raise my prices and still increase sales.

    A show is not always about money, but also networking, marketing your product and establishing a customer base.

    Plan ahead, set goals and organize.

    I no longer focus on the results of a single show, but my results for the season.

    You have to take risks.

    Be prepared for bad weather.

    Have lots of change (lots of ones and fives)

    Square-Up was the best thing I did to help my sales.

    Hold your tongue with some rude customers. (Sometimes killing them with kindness results in a sale!)

    The items I think are not the most attractive are the most interesting to customers.

Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

~ Stefani Tadio ~


Comments on: "2011 Reflections" (3)

  1. When you feel like quitting, find inspiration in others


  2. Rochester Artisans said:
  3. Great thread. It was worth reading all over again.


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