Creative Entrepreneurship

Welcome 2012!

The new year always feels like a fresh start with a clean slate. Here’s what I’m thinking about for Pine Tree Designs:

    Greatly improve my photography skills.

    Reopen an online store. (See above!)

    Visit the stores my products are in on a scheduled, regular basis in order to keep the displays fresh and introduce new product more frequently. Like the put-it-on-my-calendar-as-a-recurring-task kind of regularity.

    Been saying this for years, but this time I *really* mean it – design and sell patterns, kits, something – and explore that new whole market.

    Cut back on shows, therefore freeing up weekends for personal fun and non-pressured art.

    Redesign my website into something I’m proud of – losing the blog part, since I rarely post there anymore.

    Throw open the door to creativity without regard to sales. (I recently started developing hand-stitched origami, which cracked the door open and got me thinking, I wonder what else I can do? – and I’m feeling totally reinvigorated.)

    Continue finding more and more unbridled joy in working with Rochester Artisans – the artists, the site, seeing what might be next for us.

Here’s what Marie from Silverware Windchimes has on her list:

    Try new items out – creativity is brewing,

    Travel more outside of Rochester area – Lots of talent here but $$$ is out side of area.

    Do tried and true shows

    Website- try new things with it.

    Never do a Mall show again.

    Indie shows are for others not me – They are another age group that do not like over 30’s(gee are we returning to the 1960’s or earlier?) and
    wait till they become the age group that they are not wanting in “their” shows. Think about it. Artists/Crafters are all ages and we should be as a group and separate by “age”.

What’s your plan for your artisan business? Tell us in the comments!



Comments on: "Welcome 2012!" (2)

  1. Maggie Carter said:

    Develope a business plan and keep it!! Work with SCORE execs to learn how to market products. Meet with more artists to network and get inspired. Read more blogs to see what others are doing. Refine my product line to a more professional looking product. Get to know all the great guys on Rochester Artisians.


  2. I like the travel outside of Rochester idea.
    My major goal is to apply for a large variety of arts and crafts events, the big popular shows and the small shows, to stop saying, I’m not ready yet. Going all out in 2012, to start making my dream a reality.


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