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Next Saturday, I’m going to the Memorial Art Gallery to see what will surely be one of my favorite exhibits, Extreme Materials 2. I can say that with some confidence because the first Extreme Materials exhibition in 2006, blew my mind. I’ve been an extreme fan of extreme art ever since.

I emailed an invitation to the Rochester Artisans email list (join button is found in the upper right corner of this page), inviting anyone else to join me and maybe we can “do lunch” afterwards. (Be careful what you wish for – imagine the wackiness that would ensue if all 323 members showed up!) Be there or be square, January 7, 11:00 at 500 University Avenue, Rochester, NY.

I define Extreme Art as weird things made out of weird things. I was telling the list that I seek out galleries and exhibitions whenever I travel on vacation, always hoping to find Extreme Art. (Ever been to the American Visionary Art Museum right on the Inner Harbor of Baltimore? You must!)

Since I’ve been thinking about this today, I checked in with two of my favorite websites that share my passion for wackadoodle art.

Skatenstein, created from skateboards, by Chris Dyer.

Or how about, presented by Paul Overton at Dudecraft, a hubcap Christmas tree (created by Champion Auto Sales of Maine) and a button piano by Augusto Esquivel.

I could go on and on. And I have!

See you Saturday!



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