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Wasn’t that the line from a Pantene commercial in the 80s? (Yes, I Googled that, no way did I remember anything but the line.)

I went to the Light Works! Wellness and Psychic Faire yesterday. It looked like a good turnout to me – all the vendors seemed busy. Organizer Rochester Artisan Pam Perkins looked she was having fun, after what was probably a ton of work to organize. Good job, Pam!

I’ve always wanted to have some Henna work done and so I did! Henna Rising was there, featuring henna artist, Tanya Zani. I looked through the catalog of design choices, finding just the right one. I wanted something semi-elaborate, that went from my finger tip(s) up over my wrist. I had done my homework the day before when trying to gauge pricing and length of time for creating it and drying time – because I had a specific window of time available since I was meeting friends Lynn and Linda for a 4:00 play at Geva, followed by dinner.

The design I picked was $25, if you are curious. Worth every penny!

Tanya was excited because she’d never done that particular design before. I told her she could wing it if she wanted to but she wanted to recreate it perfectly.

I told her she was using the exact same little bottle for the henna that I use for my glue in my paper art. She was so happy to hear I had a good source for the little bottles (purchased online at Quilled Creations even though they are local (Penfield/Fairport area), they don’t have a storefront. But delivery is super quick and she let me pick up at her home once too.

After she was done she asked me if I wanted glitter. Whaa? Glitter!? Just makes it pretty while the henna paste is drying. I’m not usually all about the sparkly – but I loved this super fine glitter!

Tanya asked if she could take a photo of the finished work with her phone. “Sure, if you also take a photo with my phone, please!” It’s now my wallpaper on my cell phone.

Turns out Tanya is also a photographer so I invited her to join Rochester Artisans. I poured over her website this morning – she’s so talented.

I needed to go back to her after it had dried for 15-20 minutes so she could dab it with a sugar/lemon juice mixture, which helps to seal it. So I killed that time by having new Rochester Artisan member Maryanna Mueler do some Reiki work with me. (We got rid of day job stress and increased artistic creativity. Check! Done!)

The longer you leave the henna paste on, the darker it stains the skin. Four hours is minimal, 12 hours is optimal. I was worried about putting my coat on – and it was freezing so I wasn’t going without, not even one sleeve. I was as careful as I could be.

A Perfect Wedding at Geva was a funny, madcap romp (words I’ve never used in a sentence before!) and dinner at Starry Nites Cafe was delish. I had a cup of tomato tortellini soup and a scoop of chicken salad. Perfect.

This is how the henna looks now and even with the funny lighting you can tell the part where the henna stayed on the longest is the darkest, closest to my fingertip. Where my coat sleeve brushed it, the paste flaked off earlier.

Such a nice day!


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  1. I also do henna:


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