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CraftCast Online Classes

I’m on the mailing list for CraftCast and received a reminder for this class today – so sorry for the short notice (it’s tonight) but it dawned on me that this might be a good resource that some Rochester Artisans may not know about. (I’m not taking the class, the reminder goes out to her entire mailing list.)

Then I saw these tiny hinged copper lockets that actually open and close. Wow! I’m a huge fan of anything copper colored – and these are made with COPPRclay, similar to Precious Metal Clay.

The webinar is $44.95, payable through Paypal and runs for 90 minutes. It also includes a download of the class so you can watch it over and over.  More information is here.

I first learned of Alison Lee through her podcasts, which I would listen to at my desk while stitching during my lunch hours at the day job. I hope you’ll take a minute to explore her site, she offers lots of classes (all jewelry related, as far as I know – she’s a silversmith, if a recall correctly) and information. And of course, you can also sign up for her mailing list too, to see what’s new in the craft world!


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