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A Cash Mob is a group of people organized to shop at a certain small business at a prearranged date and time. The idea is to support a locally-owned business, giving them a boost in sales and visibility.

Janice Gouldthorpe, Executive Director, and Kate Edgerton, Communications Specialist, at the Genesee Center for Arts and Education are organizers of Rochester’s Cash Mob. “We are a community arts center and cash mobs support the locally owned and created goods and service businesses in our community.  We hope you and other supporters of the Genesee Center for the Arts & Education want to support our local businesses by spending your dollars locally.”

I’ve noticed that public awareness about supporting local businesses has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. From time to time, I have customers ask me at shows, where I’m from. Sometimes it’s because they like getting to the know the artist whose work they are purchasing. Sometimes, it’s very specific, they are looking to buy gifts made locally. I love when they say that because it gives me an opportunity to thank them for supporting us.

Last year I encouraged Rochester Artisans to identify themselves as a local artist by having a sign in their space stating their hometown. And posting a sign like this one that I found online and printed, framed and hung in my space.

(I’ve tried to trace back to the original source for this, have not been successful. I’m happy to give credit to the original artist who created this. Anyone know? But I have a feeling he/she is pleased it’s gone viral.)

And lastly Rochester Artisans can always post our own sign in their selling space. I’ve been printing them on bright yellow paper and it’s been fun to see them all over the place at shows. (I always carry some with me, if I run into you at shows, just ask. Or go to the Files section of our Yahoo site and print your own!)

I’m loving this cash mob concept. It’s such a win for all. The shop gets a shot of funds and both store and artisans get some nice exposure.

For this go-round, I’m pulling hard for Soulstice Artisan Market to be the “victim” of the Saturday March 24 Cash Mob. Voting ends Tuesday, March 20. A good number of us Rochester Artisans are grateful to Collette Welch and her amazing store for selling only local hand crafted artisan works. Please vote – and visit the store, located at 632 North Winton Road, Rochester, NY.

Soulstice is also involved in Rochester’s First Friday events. I was lucky enough to be featured one Friday last year, at her store. I demo’d my stitching, brought new items to the store, a bunch of Rochester Artisan friends stopped by – and Channel 8 showed up! That was simultaneously weird and cool. If the video existed somewhere, I’d link to it. You’ll have to trust me, I was breathtakingly gorgeous and profoundly entertaining. 😉

But I’d be remiss, if I didn’t also talk about Jean Wescott’s The Artful Gardener. Her very cool store is located at 727 Mt Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY – and also nominated for the March 24 Cash Mob.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jean at the Blue exhibit the Rochester Artisans held at The Dryer House Gallery in Victor, now sadly out of business. Tom Zachman sells his fused glass work there – I’m guessing there are other Rochester Artisans there too.

The cool thing is any locally owned store can be nominated over and over until they win, then they are asked to sit out and give other stores a chance.

Let’s get busy and support each other!


Comments on: "What is a Cash Mob, You Ask?" (5)

  1. This is wonderful. I will be looking into it.


  2. Thanks Stefani. Soulstice was chosen for the Cash Mob this Saturday. Encourage people to show up at 4-5pm and bring their $20’s!


  3. Stefani, thanks for that wonderful write up! , the cash mob was a great success and i encourage other stores to sign up when abother opportunity comes along and i will support them and wish them the successes that I had!
    Thank you to all artists for what you do.
    Love Collette Welch-Soulstice


  4. how can I link into voting for the next cash mob? do I need to “friend” Janice on FB?


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