Creative Entrepreneurship

This is one of my favorite shows! I’m taking a break from shows for a while so I’m not applying but I strongly encourage those whose product would sell well to the “indie” crowd. The customers are all generally young but not completely. Just a few years old now, it has become a well-known Rochester show.

They target show dates to be the first Saturdays in May and November, but due to venue availability, sometimes the dates are “close enough”. I will tell you, whichever show it is, it always starts with 50+ customers waiting for the doors to open. I’ve seen the line snake around the building! That’s because the first 50 people through the doors get a swag bag, filled with freebies from the artisans. Because the swag bags are such a hit, many artists want to donate to them but organizers keep the swag bags to a healthy minimum so customers are very inclined to buy, not get it all for free. It works great for this show!

We will be jurying items for quality and uniqueness, and also to maintain a balanced mix of mediums. Please keep in mind that several categories have many applicants, and that we cannot accept all who apply due to space limits. Mayday Underground is an indie craft show, and we will be selecting items that best fit the urban feel.

And vendors of all ages should apply – art knows no age! I calculated myself to be the oldest or one of the oldest artisans selling at their fall show. I just turned 56 last weekend – I wear it loud and proud, my friends.

I always say the organizers, Amanda Preske and Casey Wright set the gold standard for producing a great show with a low entrance fee – just $45. They are both very talented artists themselves so they know how to treat artists.

The application and all the show details are here.

Rochester Artisans has applied to be a Silver Sponsor for the show and I’ve answered their call for volunteers to help.

See you there, April 28!


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