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John Ballou at Mayday, Spring 2011

I first met John Ballou at a tiny gig at Spot Coffee a few years ago. I was invited by Vickie Porter of Inside My Head Studios to be one of about a half dozen or so artists, set up for a few hours in a side area at Spot Coffee. Sales-wise it was dismal for me (and for the others, to varying degrees) but it was a noble effort by the organizer. I have no idea if the concept continued or not. Since I haven’t heard, I’m suspecting the event idea was short-lived. (Let me know if you know otherwise.)

True to form, as I preach to fellow artisans, you never know what good will come out of a less than stellar sales situation. Hanging out with Vickie and meeting John was easily the highlight of my night. Much like I stitch in my booth during slow times, John was carving his rubber stamps that night. I was shocked and amazed at the detail he gets when hand carving his rubber stamps!

Sir Isaac Newton!

I’ve run into John now and again, at Mayday and other shows. I’m always happy to see his business is thriving. It must be; his Etsy shop says he’s not accepting any new orders until the end of June when he hopes to be caught up on orders.

When John dropped a note to the Rochester Artisans Yahoo Email List the other day, telling us about an interview he was doing on Etsy Conversations Podcast, I was intrigued. I put it on my calendar and did stop in briefly that Sunday Night before going to bed.

I’m a major fan of podcasts so I had to know more.

This series of Etsy shop owner interviews is the brainchild of Angela Holden, a graphic artist.

I started this podcast, not only as a way to promote my shop, but also as a way to connect with fellow Etsy Shop owners. I have a full time job and I’m in graduate school, and I wanted to learn more about how others were managing their time and work flow.

If you’re an Etsy Shop owner and would like to be interviewed on my podcast, contact me and let me know. I record podcasts with Skype, but I can also record calls over the telephone with Google Voice. For a list of the questions I ask, click here.

I have since subscribed to the Etsy Conversations Podcast in iTunes and will finish listening to John’s interview tomorrow while I work in my studio. And probably the other interviews Angela has conducted too.

I bring this topic up for 2 reasons, 3 really. First, to give John a big ol’ plug for his business because I think he’s a great artist and good guy. (Fun fact: I noticed on Facebook that he’s friends with Steve’s 2nd cousin. I had to email John to ask how he knows Aaron, who is about John’s age, I figured. They went to high school together in the tiny podunk town of Colton, up in the north country of NY. Steve and I have visited family (Aarons’ grandparents are Steve’s aunt and uncle if you’re keeping score), several times – beautiful, beautiful area. File this under It’s a Small World, for sure!)

Secondly, I think you might be interested in listening to these interviews too since so many of us buy and sell on Etsy. Thirdly – if you are an Etsy shop owner, what the heck are you waiting for – contact Angela for an interview! She provides the questions in advance, what could be easier?

If my own Etsy shop had, well, anything, in it, I’d be all over this opportunity.

Please consider it – I’d love to hear what you have to say! And who knows where it could lead?!


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  1. John Ballou said:

    Thanks so much for the plug, but more so for the kind words!


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