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Craft Show Chronicles

We love our customers. I promise you, we really do! But sometimes customers say the darnedest things! We had a little fun on our Rochester Artisans email list the other day, comparing notes. So I thought I’d share a few with you. Add yours to the comment section below!

“You should really make a lot of those in many different colors!
I’ll bet you’ll sell a ton of them… did you think of that?”

I have watched people — thank goodness not many — who take their finger nail and try to get the paint to scrap off the item. Then they walk out and not buy a thing!

How about when someone comments “how many in the set” when looking at a glass bowl!

She wanted me to give her a better bag than what she had for her other purchases!

Customer examining one of my dichroic glass beads: “Wow. If you can make flowers like this, you could get a job at Troll Beads.”

The classic ones are the “tappers”.. some of whom get very aggressive in their woodpecker imitations on my glass as they say with great authority… “this is plastic….” and of course they aren’t pounding on anything small… usually it is on my $$$ panels…. and I have a large banner that says (company name) Glass which could cause some confusion I suppose….

Another one is “oh I do that…” I ask if they have a kiln, or make their molds, “No, I do that, I go to garage sales…”

And “Where do you buy your plates/bowls ?” they ask while standing in front of one of several signs that say we make our plates, bowls out of art glass in our kilns….

I had a customer come in my booth and ask me what my paintings were painted on. I replied “velvet.” She responded “but it looks like fabric!”.

I paint gourds and can’t tell you the number of people who ask “Are these plastic?” One little girl was convinced they were plastic, even after her mother showed her their natural state. A new question I’ve received lately is “Are these grown in America?”

“Can I buy this?”

“Are these for sale?”


Comments on: "Craft Show Chronicles" (5)

  1. Can they go outside? It’s garden art. hmm let me guess.


  2. Funny stuff!


  3. While looking at my fabric handbags, a couple of women asked “Where do you buy these?”


  4. Rochester Artisans said:

    I remembered that I have a story of my own – about my own faux pas! A few years ago I was visiting Artisan Works during an open studio event. I was in Mark Groaning’s studio, who I knew painted on glass windows primarily. Or so I thought. But within his studio was jewelry and welded sculptures, so I asked, “Did you make this?” twice – about the jewelry & sculptures. He said, “Before you keep asking me that question, I made everything in here.”

    Oops. (“Where’s my sign?”)



  5. I had a customer exclaim, “I can make these! Where do you get your paper? How do you get that to pop out like that? What kind of glue do you use? Who puts your cards together? How do you cut this? Which book did you get your designs from?” (I don’t they are my designs) She kept coming back wanting me to detail everything I do, how, how much it costs, what books she should buy, etc… I was trying to help purchasing customers and she kept hounding my for more details than I was giving.
    I told her I teach a class! As she walked away she said, “I can do that.”


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