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I’m happy to report I had a good show today at the 28th Annual St. Rita’s School Craft Sale today. I met new customers and got reacquainted with customers from earlier shows. Sales were good!

I had some random thoughts driving home today. Such as:

There were many fellow Rochester Artisans at this show, both selling and stopping by as customers. That translates into an automatic high Fun Factor for me, always part of my calculation in determining a show’s success.

Because I work shows alone, I didn’t have a chance to walk the show & recruit new members for Rochester Artisans. Turns out I didn’t have to – my minions, lol, did an outstanding job – as they always do! I had a nice handful of artists approach me, asking how to join. (Click the purple Yahoo Groups Join button in the sidebar!)

The Taco in a Bag was as good as advertised! I’d heard about it from another artist – but then last year they didn’t have it. But they did this year! It’s a bag of Doritos with taco meat, shredded lettuce & cheese and optional sour cream thrown into the bag. It was piping hot and so delicious! It was also very fragrant because it certainly got the attention of a few of my customers when it was delivered to my space. (Thanks students of St. Rita’s School!)

It’s good karma to support the charity hosting the event by buying raffle tickets, for instance. More Fun Factor: I won a Tiny Work of Awesome, a gorgeous domino pendant/key chain from mixed media artist Vickie Porter. (I’m too tired to scan or photograph the one I won, but the above larger one is very similar to one of Vickie’s pieces I already own, so you can get the idea. Her work rocks, doesn’t?)

I also won a perfectly sized wristlet from fiber artist Jean Keane at last week’s Creations with a Heart show. I emailed Jean afterwards, “Um, Jean, I don’t do pink. Any chance I could exchange the one I won for a different color?”

I’m pretty sure this is the fabric I chose – you know me and my fondness for circle designs. (This is an iPad case, which I also considered – paying the extra, of course. I also considered a collar for one of our dogs, but that’s not fair to the other one – and screw them, anyway, I’d appreciate a wristlet far more!)

Vickie also let me exchange the pendant I won from her – mine says “Create” in all sorts of gorgeous shades of green. More great customer service!

Speaking of green – this is a crappy cell phone photo of my black shutter doors that I painted kiwi green, using leftover bathroom paint we had. I use them to display my framed artwork and I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of my space at the show today. I love this new look in my space SO much!

My love for how that display piece turned out, prompted me to write a list of eight more improvements I’d like to make. This was before the show opened! I love learning and improving. Change is good!

Self-taught lampworking glass artist Francesca DeCaire is one of the hardest working artists I know. I was lucky enough to be selling next to her today. I’m so impressed with how much thought she puts into the big picture, improving her business practices, learning new techniques, always trying harder, her interaction with customers. Look at this precision!

Francesca and I are cooking up a little collaborative project, which I’m pretty excited about!

I love watching Francesca and another young self-supporting full-time artist, Erin Gursslin of Sunshyne Silverwear help each other pack up and load-out. This further goes to prove that pretty much every artist I know is so generous in spirit.

It was a good day.


Comments on: "Randomness from a Craft Show" (9)

  1. Awesome show today! I wish every one was that high on the “fun, friends, funds” list. and I won your ornament! Woo-Hoo!


    • Rochester Artisans said:

      Wow – I think you just coined a new phrase for us: “3F”. And in the spirit of good customer service you are more than welcome to trade that ornament for a different one the next time we see each other – RMSC maybe?


  2. Erin was still helping others as I drove away. She has a kind heart.


  3. Marusca Gatto said:

    Stefani, this post was so heartwarming to me as an artist! Sorry I missed the show today… Had to teach 😦 next year!! Thanks for being a champion for all of us Rochester Artisans…so appreciate you!


  4. Beautiful pieces!So glad you had agood show:)


  5. Wonderful post Stefani! So much of the fun of these shows is spending time with our artist friends . . . what a great group of people!!!


  6. Shelley Bizari, Biz-Stitch Designer Pillows said:

    Biz-Stitch has fallen by the way side as I am working at Luxe Spa and taking two classes at MCC to finish my degree. I always like to read about fellow artists and I secretly covet them when hearing all about the shows. Keep it going ladies and gents..we DON’T want to become a dying breed,
    Shelley Bizari
    Biz-Stitch designer pillows


    • Rochester Artisans said:

      Thanks Shelley – hope you can come “back to the fold” sometime! Glad your keeping in touch with us.


  7. Stefani! Thank you for the “plug”!! I’m very glad to have exchanged the domino keychain so you got exactly what you wanted. Makes me happy, too!

    Erin also helped us load up at the end of the day by lending us her dolly! Such niceness!

    St. Rita’s was once again a great show! Craft show friends rock!


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