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Rochester Brainery

Rochester Brainery

Stephanie Rankin and Danielle Raymo founded Rochester Brainery with the belief that learning should be fun, affordable and accessible.

So they rented space in Village Gate, renovated it extensively and furnished it simply. They built it and the teachers and students came. Just now I counted 41 classes offered – all under $30 and all one session long.

I am so happy I took one of those classes last night, “Expanding Your Digital Footprint 101”, presented by Nick Rovisa.

I’m fairly digital-savvy so I was worried this would be a little more basic than I needed but it was just right. The digital world is changing so quickly, I could probably take the class every week and learn something new! Nick did a great job, making the class informative and fun. He went through his thoughtful and interesting Powerpoint presentation in a conversational manner (I hate having slides read to me!) – then opened the floor to questions. It was a small class and we all participated, asking questions, offering suggestions to each other.

The most meaningful things to me, were the various website and tools that can help me be organized and automated in my social media tasks.

It was $15 and 2 hours well spent for me. I’ve already started reviewing the class list to see what I’ll take next.

Stephanie and Danielle are always looking for new teachers and new class ideas too. I see this as a great venue for artists to teach and gain exposure for their own business too.



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