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Earth Day 1970

Earth Day
Every generation has its subculture and mine was the hippies movement. It started in the mid-sixties when I was only ten years old. It went on for several years and I was still a little bit young for it, but inside I always felt like I belonged to that generation. Still do! I call myself a gracefully aging hippie.

The very first Earth Day was April 22, 1970. I was 14 and in the 8th grade at Mendon Center Junior High School. That first Earth Day really felt like a big deal – and I guess it was since it’s still being celebrated 43 years later. We held a Walk for Water – a ten mile hike to raise money for environmental causes. I felt like an activist – it was extremely cool.

(My other standout memory from that time period was finally being allowed to wear jeans to school. I’m not talking about my parents, who always pretty cool with anything – but the principal of the school or the school district, I’m not sure who it was who decreed that the Earth would not fall off its axis if kids wore jeans to school. But I digress.)

Around that same time, I also participated in the Hike for Hope, which was a 25 mile walking fundraiser. It was cool too but damn, do you know how many miles are in a 25 mile walk?? Twenty-five! I kid you not! I could barely walk when that was over, but I finished.

My family has been big on recycling for as long as I remember. We used to take our cans & bottles to the highway department for recycling, so determined we were to recycle. I credit Mom for all this – she’s still a rock star recycler. When I first met Steve, he didn’t know a thing about recycling and I was astounded. I thought it was a way for life for everyone. I’m proud to say he was easily converted.

It was all I could do at various office jobs to refrain from going through everyone’s wastebasket to pull out the recyclable items. I only recently succumbed to buying those plastic liners for crockpot usage. I don’t care if it makes clean-up a breeze, I don’t want more plastic in the landfills. Simon is still scarred by the fact that I wouldn’t buy Squeez-Its when he was little, because the plastic bottles were not recyclable. Ever try to teach a toddler to say “It’s not environmentally correct”?

I can’t not recycle.

I don’t really have a point to all this rambling; these are just the memories that started flowing when I was reading about Greenovation’s Earth Week 2013 activities. I’ve been helping with their Call for Artists for their RecyclArte.

Annual Recycled Art Exhibit

Entries due April 10th. The public will be able to vote for their favorite piece!

7:30pm – 8:30pm. Opening April 12 at the Community Gallery. Exhibit open to the public until April 20th. Check our schedule

7:00pm – 11:00pm. Closing Gala April 20. Contribution is Guest $15, Sponsor $20, Patron $30. Dress up and come for the RecyclArte closing gala. Thanks to the artist all the artwork will be auctioned during the ball! Theater, Music (Michael Vadala Trio), Food and a donation bar. Vintage or recycled outfits are optional, but we will have prizes for the best outfits!


Comments on: "Earth Day 1970" (6)

  1. Oh wow, I remember Hike for Hope. That was a long treck but everyone participated. I’ve been a recycler for as long as I can remember. I thought I was the only person that went through waste baskets to take out the recyclables and place them in the proper containers


  2. Norma Stahlman said:

    a little proofing……

    time period was finally be allowed to wear jeans to school. I’m not talking about my parents, who always pretty cool with anything


  3. Shelley Bizari said:

    Where exactly is the community art gallery?  Would love to see exhibit especially to honor earth day and our incredible planet.

      Shelley Bizari Biz-Stitch pillows



  4. M Lysionek said:

    Can you imagine a Hike for Hope today? And just think it was basically run by teenagers and most of all the high schools in the area were involved for several years. there were thousands going through Rochester hiking for a great cause and no violence too.


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