Creative Entrepreneurship

Rochester Artisan Betsy Murray offers some great advice for those seeking tips on how to open an online shop.


Over the past month I have had friends ask me for advice on them opening up an online shop for their hand-made work!  I will admit, it is a bit of an honor to be asked first of all as I am always inquiring to others about advice on MY own etsy shop, Sunshine On Water!

Here are a few of my thoughts…

Be sure to have a cohesive, nice-looking online shop, as in….

  •  Good quality,  CLEAR photos with a nice clean background.
  • A read-able shop description with a lot of key words that will pull up your shop in searches.
  • List the location you live in (at least this is something I look at as an online seller and buyer) I want to know where my product is made and will come from… if it is a place I have been before or is near where I live, it forms somewhat of a connection and I…

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Comments on: "Hand-made and Online Shops" (1)

  1. Thank you for sharing this Stefani! I hope it may help others who are starting the hand-made venture!!


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