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I’ve been blogging since 2001, first on LiveJournal, then Blogger and now here at WordPress. I’ve been reading blogs even longer, back when they were called Online Journals. I wrote about my life, family and crafts. I was quite enthusiastic at first, aren’t we all? Over time my posts became more sporadic and pretty much all I wrote about was craft related topics – mine and others. It was called And Another Thing . . . (because that’s how I talk isn’t it? Oh! And another thing – see what I mean!?)

The other day I received an email from the husband of artist Peggy Dembicer. In 2006 I’d blogged about her unbelievable beaded Candy Land game. (Seriously, check out her work on her Flickr site; it will blow your mind.) Her husband asked me to redirect my old link to her Flickr site.

I wrote back that I was impressed with their diligence in monitoring Peggy’s work and good for them. I told them I also took the old blog down altogether because I’d been meaning to for some time and this was the nudge I needed. I’m not sentimental that way. Some people keep paper copies of their blog posts from forever ago. To me, it’s fluid and organic. I’m not the person I was back in 2006 – though actually, in many ways I’m exactly the same. One could read my blog and watch the transformation of me as an artist and human.

Still. Been there, done that. Moving on.

I haven’t been blogging on this Rochester Artisans site as regularly as I’d hoped. I’ve tried writing posts in advance to auto-publish on a specific day and that sometimes works. But mostly I’m trying to just let it flow and write when I have something to say. Ha!

No doubt, looking at my old blog a bit as I deleted it yesterday, inspired me to post a little more frequently here. As so often happens, this student was ready – and the teacher appeared in an email from Rochester Professional Consultants Network that very day. I signed up for their 90 minute presentation, How to Use Your Blog to Build Your Business. It’s on Friday, May 24, 8:00 – 9:30 at Brighton Town Hall. I see fellow Rochester Artisan Monica Rudd is going too!

I’ve attended a handful of these presentations, I always get something out of them. In fact, I also just became a member of RPCN, something I’ve been meaning to do for a year or more. Now these presentations are free for me! ($10 to non-members, still a good deal.)

Want to join me? We could go to Panera Bread at 12 Corners afterwards to chat about our businesses and blogs! (Registration is here.)


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  1. Norma Stahlman said:

    proofing from Mama

    looking my old blog a bit

    and a the teacher appeared in an email

    Is this too late? Already posted? Hhmmmm just trying to help.


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