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Since I became manager of the Fairport Pharmacy Gift Shop last fall, I’ve been looking for business card holders I could make to display the cards of all of our artists. Why? I’m too frugal for the Pharmacy to pay Staples for those plastic ones, even though they are cheap.

More importantly – we are better than plastic – we’re artsy! I finally found an origami business card holder that I love! So I made 50 last night and will set them out today. I made these out of text weight paper – and yes, they sturdy enough to hold a smart phone, for video viewing and podcast listening. Simple and genius! Leyla Torres’ site, Origami Spirit, is now one of my favorites.

If you are fan of origami, you might get a kick out of my Pinterest board.

Leyla’s instructions for this business card holder are here:


Comments on: "Origami Spirit" (2)

  1. very clever. what’s not to love? it’s PaPER!!


    • Rochester Artisans said:

      You know what comes next, right Tom? How small can I make these and how much stitching can I add to them? I’m working on the prototype now – if I start with a 5″ square piece of paper instead of 6″, they are still comfortable enough to fold. I tried stitching on one module before folding it but that wasn’t very successful, the stitching got funky in the folding process. So tonight I’ll stitch separate triangles to glue to the module. Should be better and I love layering like crazy! Six of these modules will line up edge-to-edge nicely, forming a circle. Embellishment and framing shall ensue!


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