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I can't resist pointing out that 4 out of 5 photos on this postcard show the work of Rochester Artisans. (And I'm working on the 5th to join!)

I can’t resist pointing out that 5 out of 5 photos on this postcard show the work of Rochester Artisans.

I’m working with the tireless Sara Senour to encourage artists to apply to the 3rd Annual Maplewood Y Craft Show, being held October 12 this year. The 3-person jury has been chosen and they are eagerly awaiting the deadline for applications, this Sunday, June 30, so they can begin their selection process.

I just wanted to hit you with a few facts to highlight some of the positive additions made to the show this year, in addition to the many good things already in place. Sara is an accomplished potter so she has all kinds of experience on both sides of the application – as a vendor and as a show producer.

This is a 100% handcrafted goods show. No buy/sell allowed.

Apply and submit photos online, with no application fee. Pay only if selected. Booths range from $30 – $90. Limited electric is available – free.

There will be a Meet & Greet for the artists prior to the show to hand out postcards, flyers, WiFi instructions, show info, etc.

Set up is available Friday night for this Saturday show, with lots of volunteers to help you. (Last year the kids brought my entire set-up into the building in one load on a big flatbed dolly.)

Door prizes are YMCA memberships. Silent Auction is for items donated by the 40 artists.

During the show there will be boothsitters available and lunch available for artists to purchase.

There is complimentary childcare provided for the customers, by the stupendous Y staff.

The Irondequoit Art Club will be holding their show the same day, at the Lily Cafe, which is right next to the gym where the craft show is held so there will be all kinds of cross-promotion.

As a non-profit, the Maplewood Y will have a presence at the Clothesline, representing the craft show along with their other fine Y initiatives. Postcards-a-plenty will be passed out.

Sara wrote the book on advertising opportunities. She’s also one of the most meticulously organized people I’ve ever met.

Pre-registration will be available online for customers, which will earn them entrance 30 minutes earlier than the public, along with a free tote bag and raffle tickets.

The show program will serve as a Passport, which includes a map of where each artist is located. Customers will have the artists stamp (or initial) their Passport. Those with a specific number or higher (can’t remember the exact number but it’s over half) of stamps are eligible for a drawing for a Kindle.

Plenty of free parking available.

The show’s website is here – including the application and photos of previous years. Our show’s Facebook page is very active and in fact, currently holds albums of photos of current applicants. The show’s event page on Facebook has been up since April and we share and post like crazy on it, once we know which artists have been accepted into the show.


This is our 3rd year and each year gets better and better. Last year’s attendance doubled the attendance of the previous year. We’re on a roll, people – join us!


Comments on: "Maplewood YMCA Craft Show – Apps Due by 6/30" (5)

  1. M Lysionek said:

    Sounds nice, but do you have people attending?


    • Rochester Artisans said:

      We had 200 people attend in 2012. One major difference this year is we have the YMCA professional marketing team working with us. We now have a “brand” – see postcard for example, so all of our collateral (see how I picked up the lingo?) will be the same and identifiable this year and in years to come. And we have a bigger budget to handle these things. All I can say, Marie, is we certainly intend to have more attendees each year – there are no guarantees in craft show attendance – too many factors out of our control. But it won’t be from lack of trying, I guarantee!


  2. You could always go out of town. I hear the shows out of town are just wonderful. You probably could mention that a few hundred times more.


  3. Last year the traffic was not bad at all considering it’s a brand new show. And those who were there were ready to buy! Very strange and condescending comment M Lysionek – as an artist and a Rochester Arisan, I think you know that there are no guarantees in this business, and also that Stefani advertises the hell out of anything that she is involved in and/or promoting.


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