Creative Entrepreneurship

Yesterday’s post gave show organizers an idea of what they can expect from us as artist participants in their shows.

Today’s post is a list of points directed to show organizers, that are important to artists. A well-run, financially successful show is the common goal for all concerned. Help us, help you. We all win, especially our customers, whom we all love, for buying our locally handcrafted goods!

(Please! Share your thoughts in the comments – we’d love to hear them and possibly include them in updated versions of yesterday’s and today’s documents.)

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Comments on: "Happy Artists are Returning Artists" (3)

  1. Greetings all, I would also suggest that when an artist directory is offered,or other advertising pieces offered for the day of the show…….the artists listing should include their website information. It is a simple piece of information that allows an artist added exposure.
    Chris, Adorn by Christine


  2. […] other favorite one is for show organizers called, “Happy Artists are Returning Artists“. We wrote this with the smaller show organizers in mind, such as for schools & churches, […]


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