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Harvester Learning Center

I was happy to meet Kelsey Tamblin at Harvester Artisan Market a while back when I was selling my hand stitched paper art there. She is the project coordinator working for Joseph Mancuso & Sons, the owner of the big beautiful building located at 56 Harvester Avenue in Batavia, NY. She coordinates the Learning Center side of things, much like Lucie Ann Griffis coordinates the Artisan Market. They make a great team, helping each other network and develop exciting events and programs.

I called it a big beautiful building and beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. I can easily behold the beauty and possibility of this big ol’ warehouse currently filled with many tenants already and lots of character. Oatka Glass occupies a very large space on the top floor. There is an ever-growing number of smaller independent businesses renting other spaces in the building. In this age of supporting local, independent businesses, restaurants and artists, this whole project warms my heart.

Kelsey is looking for people who are interested in teaching classes at the Harvester Learning Center. It can be about anything in which you have expertise! And you don’t have to be an experienced teacher. If there’s a subject you are passionate about, chances are good that you were born to teach it to others.

I used my phone GPS to get there for the market so I can tell you it’s just 46 miles from my house in Fairport, and super easy to find. I hope you’ll consider teaching at the Harvester Learning Center and share this post with your friends, family and colleagues. I think it’s a great opportunity to enrich minds and help restore The Harvester to full usefullness.

Teaching Opportunity


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