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I very often include a mention of the Fun Factor when writing reviews of the shows I’m in, for our Rochester Artisans email list. I suspect this North Winton Village Festival of the Arts has a high fun factor because who doesn’t love supporting their hometown? You get the benefits of a big city, with the closeness of a small hometown.

I hope you get a chance to go to the Festival of the Arts. Visit with and support the artists, enjoy the flowers, grab a bite to eat – sounds like a high Fun Factor to me!

September 14
10:00 – 5:00
North Winton Village Festival of the Arts

Linear Park
E. Main Street and Mayfield Street
Rochester, NY

Knits and Treasures
Shiny Bits Jewelry
Small Town Girl


Comments on: "North Winton Village Festival of the Arts" (1)

  1. the 3nd annual I did this festival. I did fantastic The festival was well organized, and well advertised. there were a lot of people and it was a good positive energy. I spoke so highly about it that I got two more vendors to apply for the following year. WHAT a Disappointment. There was no advertising and no support for the vendors- dog poop all over the grass where the vendors were setting up, no garbage cans, the spots weren’t marked, etc. I did write to the council and lodged a complaint- I was so embarrased. People walking by all thought it was a community garage sale. Very dissapointing


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