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Flax Seed

You wanna know about flax seed? I can tell you all about flax seed! I worked with Fran Lindgren on her website, Flax Seed Pillows by Fran earlier this year.

I learned that flax seeds are 40% oil so they hold the heat or cold longer than water based seeds (like rice). How much longer? Five times, thank you very much. And they conform to your body better, because of their oblong shape and smooth surface. Take that. I know my stuff.

And I have personal experience too! I keep mine in the freezer and have been known to put it on the back of my neck to cool down on a hot day. I’ve also used it hot when my knee went out of whack briefly.

October 26
9:00 – 3:00
Church of the Resurrection

63 Mason Drive
Fairport, NY

Flax Seed Pillows by Fran

Fran’s flax seed pillows, both contour neck and the squares, are available at Fairport Pharmacy in the Village Landing if you are unable to attend the Craft Sale on Saturday.

Big Square Center


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