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Bringing the artist community together to foster goodwill and great ideas among everyone involved in professional arts and crafts in the Rochester, NY and surrounding area.

This little community of artists I started in 2009 with 7 artist friends has now grown to 700 members this week. Never in my wildest dreams! At least that’s what I used to say. Now I’m able to dream big. Or at least know that big things are possible if one keeps taking another step forward.

We communicate via our Yahoo email group, sharing all sorts of information and resources for running an art business. I think most members would agree that our best resource is the annual Shows spreadsheet, which lists area art fairs and festivals of all sizes, in chronological order. Each show presents 16 columns of information – the important facts that help us decide if a particular show is one we want to pursue further by reviewing the applications, which are also found on the members-only Yahoo site.

Rochester Artisans ended our 2013 Shows spreadsheet with 193 shows listed, and we already have 8 listed for 2014, some with due dates as soon as January!

Our 700 members are at all levels of our careers. Seasoned veterans recall how intimidating the whole show thing is in the beginning, and are a stellar resource for young artists. Our population is 95% artists but you’ll also find show promoters and shop owners among us as well. Often those roles are filled by artists too! Geographically we have members in Buffalo, Syracuse, the Southern Tier and everywhere in between. I’m not sure when I’ve ever met a kinder, more generous group of people. I’ve made many valuable friendships.

It’s all free.

It’s my passion and fulfills all of my needs: helping artists, promoting art and organizing. I do gratefully accept donations to help cover expenses – the donation can be found in the sidebar of this website.

Anyone is welcome to join – the Join button is also in the sidebar to the right!

So let’s get crackin’ on 2014!

Canal Days Call for Artists


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