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6x6x2014 404

Just for fun, I thought I’d try to submit my 6×6 artwork early for 2014, or at least not on the final deadline day like I did in 2013, with mere hours to spare. What?? It could happen!

Although it turned out to be a pretty good year for me 6×6-wise. My piece was chosen with 8 other pieces as RPO Bravo Winners. Each winning 6×6 piece will adorn the cover of a program for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

6x6x2013 404

I’ve emailed the RPO twice, asking when my piece will be on the cover and requesting that they mail me a copy. I’d like to frame it. I still haven’t gotten a response so I keep checking RPO Bravo Program Book web page to see if my time has come. At least I’ll know I can click there to get the PDF version, which I can share around and print myself, if I have too. I’m not quite done bugging them yet though!

Rochester Contemporary Art Center’s (RoCo) international small art phenomenon returns with thousands of original artworks, made and donated by celebrities, international & local artists, designers, college students, youths, and YOU.

Each artwork must be 6″ x 6″ or mounted to a 6″ x 6″ board, and signed only on the back, to be exhibited anonymously. All entries will be accepted, exhibited and will be for sale to the public for $20 each (in the gallery and online for global purchasing) to benefit RoCo.

Artists’ names will be revealed to the buyer upon purchase and all artworks remain on display through July 13th. Anyone may enter up to 6 artworks of any medium (2D or 3D) and there is no fee to enter the exhibition. (If 3D, the 3rd dimension doesn’t have to 6″ but cannot be more than 6″.)

Beginning July 4th, the names of artists whose work has completely sold out will be revealed online next to their artwork(s). The 6x6x2014 Online Gallery will be available ( for previewing on May 23rd and global online purchasing will begin June 10th at 10am.

6x6x2013 Tight Grid

The pieces are hung in the order they are received. RoCo has 6″ x 6″ mat boards available (free) on which you can create your art, if you’d like. Some people like to have 6×6 parties and make their creations together. The artworks are hung with 4 push pins (cradling the art, not piercing it) but I’ve seen heavier pieces hung on nails if necessary. Some 3-D pieces are displayed on shelves and pedestals. Celebrities submit pieces and in those cases, only Bleu Cease, Executive Director & Curator, knows the identity, not even the staff knows.

There is a lottery at the exhibition opening, for the first 20 buyer positions. I remember first hearing about this lottery, before I’d ever visited a 6×6 and thought it was a bit overkill. Then I went and realized “all the good stuff was sold”. Of course that’s not literally true but I understood why buyers covet those first 20 positions!

It’s a lot of fun and I highly encourage you to submit a piece or two. I always put up a 6×6 page on this website that shows off the artworks submitted by Rochester Artisan members. In keeping with the spirit of anonymity, I don’t post the names but you’d be surprised how many artists have very distinctive styles. (Members, kindly email me photos of your submissions!)

The entry form is here. You can drop off your artworks at RoCo during their regular gallery hours by April 20 (Wednesday – Sunday: 1pm – 5pm / Friday: 1pm – 10pm). Or you can mail them to RoCo, must be postmarked by April 19.

Note to self: April is never as far away as it seems!


Comments on: "6x6x2014" (3)

  1. I guess I should start thinking about something to do…or at least get some glass out and stare at it for awhile…thanks for the reminder


    • Rochester Artisans said:

      As soon as I posted this entry, I created the pattern for the piece I’m going to submit. Now – I must not forget to do the next steps – actually make it!


  2. Beautiful piece! Congratulations!


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