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Pom Pom Mouse Tutorial

Sweet Pea Felts

photo 1Supplies

1. white yarn ( I prefer using wool)

2. pink yarn (optional)

3. scissors

4. tacky glue

5. needle and thread

6. small black beads for eyes

7. pink or white felt for ears ( I use wool felt)

8. red crayon and small piece of knit fabric

9. white cotton pipe cleaner

10. pink bead (optional)

11. Tiny bit of pink wool ( optional)

12. Clover pom pom makers 1 3/8″ and 1 5/8″ (optional)

First we need to make two white pom poms, one in each size. If you do not have the Clover pom pom makers you can use cardboard templates cut to the same diameter. Make sure your pom poms are nice and full, then tie them off tightly with strong thread.


Next we need to trim and shape them. The smaller pom pom will become the head. While  holding the string used to…

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