Creative Entrepreneurship

Fifty Shades of Red

2014-02 Fifty Shades of Red

Our virtual gallery for February opened on Facebook today – the theme is Fifty Shades of Red. Anyone is welcome to post photos of their artwork as long as it relates to red in some way.

We had a lot of fun with this in January, our theme was, “Ice Ice Baby”. It’s still there – these will all remain open indefinitely.

I created these as a way too share our art and if what gets posted is for sale, all the better, for artists and our customers. I’ve always wanted to have actual gallery shows with themes and that may still happen. But for now – super easy to sit on your couch and enjoy art!

I’m kind of hoping that the themes will encourage artists to stretch and make something new, or out of their normal discipline, maybe.

Mostly, it’s fun. Please join us as a maker or enjoyer of art!


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