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Mia Sohn at Work

March 15
1:00 – 3:00
Caution! Artist @ Work

Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County NY
115 South Avenue
Rochester, NY

Pysanky by Mia2012 Best of Show Award, Central NY Maple Festival; Award Winner, Remsen Barn Festival of the Arts and 2012 Award of Distinction, 3-D Mixed Media, Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival

Labeled Eggs

We will host a different local artist or musician who will be working on a piece right in the Arts Division. Patrons are welcome to stop by and observe an artist painting or listen to a musician playing. These programs happen on the third Saturday of each month from 1-3 PM in the afternoon on the second floor of the Bausch & Lomb Library building.


My art form is based on 5,000 year-old traditions. it is a wax resist process on actual eggshells.

This art form is known as ‘pysanka,’ which is a Ukrainian word meaning ‘to write.’ (The plural is ‘pysanky.’)

I do all of the work free-hand, no decals, stencils or paint.

I draw on egg shells with hot beeswax, which comes out of a miniature brass funnel. After I draw everything that I want to keep white, I dye the egg and then draw with wax on that color. I work from color to color, often light to dark, although I now use acid washing to change my color palette and to add texture and extra details to my designs. When I finish the design, I have a dark, wax-covered egg. I heat the egg and melt the wax off using a heat gun- and the colors are revealed. ~ Mia Sohn

Library Display by Mia Sohn

Library Display by Pysanky by Mia


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  1. maryanna mueller said:

    Gorgeoussssssssss !

      Ridin’ With The Light In Gratitude,



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