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Pam B Designs is just one of the Rochester Artisans whose work you will see next Saturday at the Artisan Beautification Craft Fair.

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Meanwhile, back in the studio . . . the subject of podcasts came up at a recent dinner and it was suggested (thanks Michele of Michele Kurpisz Designs!) that we share some of our favorites on our website. In listing a few of my personal favorites on our Biz page, I started Googling and found more.

A couple were ones I haven’t listened to in quite some time so they will be back in my rotation now. I remember both CraftSanity and CraftCast when they were first starting out. It’s exciting to see how their businesses and art careers have blossomed since then.

I can’t personally vouch for all of these but they looked good to me and I’ll be checking them all out. If you have favorites you’d like to recommend to others, email me and I’ll add the link to the list.

After the Jump
Art Fair Radio
Artists Helping Artists
CraftSanity (Looks like Jennifer stopped recording these in 2012 but there are 129 podcasts archived for your listening pleasure!)
Etsy Conversations
Hello Craft
Smart Creative Women
Metalsmith Bench Talk
While She Naps


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