Creative Entrepreneurship

Transcending Schisms

Gayle Erwin
This one is one of the larger ones I’ve made in clay. I love, love, love the way the glaze breaks. If you’re not sure what that means… it’s all one glaze. When a potter asks about how a glaze breaks, it means how it transitions over change in the surface texture.

Cat Clay & Pop Up ROC present
Transcending Schisms
Hamsa-inspired ceramics by Gayle Erwin

Opening & closing party
Friday, June 6th
5 – 9 pm

Gayle has been working with clay for over 20 years. She teaches workshops at the Genesee Pottery and also has her studio space there.

How much does Gayle love working in clay? Well, she is always having more fun at the studio than at her day job, which is not surprising. However, she also would rather clean the studio than her kitchen – and clay studios get VERY dirty!

Gayle will be sharing her hamsa collection at Cat Clay. Why hamsa? In addition to its beauty, it truly does transcend schisms: this ancient symbol is part of several world religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Gayle’s collection started when she found her first hamsa while surfing the web. This unplanned discovery was the start of an obsession with the form. Gayle continued to explore and refine this amazing symbol over the past several years. We are truly happy to show this body of work.

Friday, June 6th, 5 – 9 pm
Cat Clay
1115 East Main St.
Door #2, by the loading docks
Suite 242
Rochester, New York

For more information, please call 585.414.5643 or visit our website, Cat Clay


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