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Park Ave Fest 2014

I went to the Park Ave Fest for the first time ever. Steve’s sister is in town and it was Steve’s idea! I’m usually all been-there-done-that about shows and festivals, know what I mean?

I had such fun! Who knew?? Not to name drop but I bought earrings for my mom from paper artist Rie Maywar of qq creations. Rie won 2nd Place at Spencerport Canal Days last weekend!

Rie Maywar 2nd Place Spencerport 2014

iPhone Covers

I wanted an iPhone case from the always smiling Jen Born of PS Enjoy Your Life, but my silly iPhone 5C was a tad too big so I exchanged it for this Enjoyablock.

2014 Enjoyablock

Jen Born 1st Place Mixed Media 2014Big congratulations to Jen on winning 1st Place in Mixed Media at Park Ave!

Kingsley Street Artisan Soaps Park Ave Fest 2014

I was very excited to finally get to meet the most helpful/entertaining/enjoyable Kent Terpening, of Kingsley Street Artisan Soaps. I approached him to introduce myself – he recognized me from Facebook and jumped up and gave me a big hug! (Thanks for the gift!)

Mary Catherman 1st Glass Park Ave
Rochester Artisans can boast about another blue ribbon winner (like we had anything to do with it, lol), Mary Catherman.

Proud Member Aluminum Sign
I got to say hey to a host of other Rochester Artisans too – so much fun! And very happy to see the plethora of yellow Proud Member of Rochester Artisans signs. Go us!

In other news, Steve bought 2 pieces of wall art, one of which is NOT sports-related! We fell for the fast-talking huckster selling the dog harnesses. Big apology to good friend, Jean Keane of JK Stitches – temporary insanity!? We even bought a Christmas gift. Jines never disappoints – we enjoyed a late lunch. Chocolate covered raspberry swirl cheesecake on a stick is way better than you’d think!

Previous Rochester Artisans conversations came flooding back to me. Holy shit – Coco-Bongos really exist! As do foam bow & arrows. And the sign guy – which interested Steve, much to my chagrin. He also came close to buying Shit on a Stick – a Buffalo Bills birdhouse with an outdoor thermometer mounted on it. (I moseyed on, hoping no one knew he was with me.) I explained to Steve & Barb about the ubiquitous Bathfitter.

The weird thing is, I truly spent the day like a true festival-visitor. More often, I find myself looking less at product and more at displays and set-ups. “Wow, a lot of work went into building that display – well done!” “Girl, you need some lights in this cave!” “Really? You thought this would be your demographic!?”

A fine, artful day!


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