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Embrace the Risk

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I haven’t had the privilege of meeting On Hand Lotions owner, Hayna Humphries Weems just yet. I feel like I know her from our friendship online though, because she is so personable, friendly and funny. Most of all she’s very inspiring – she’s so business-savvy and motivated. Just knowing her makes me want to be a better person, a better business owner. (And you people ask me if I ever sleep?? Meet Hayna! She also homeschools her 3 children, in addition to running her ever-growing business.)

Hayna has written two blog posts lately that I just have to share. The one that really got me was Part II: Embrace the Risk II: Identify, Dissect, Analyze the Fear. I love the way she thinks and will try to remember her process when I sometimes get stuck in overthinking mode.

But you should probably start here, with Part I. We had been talking a little bit about The Makers Summit, a 2-day conference for creative entrepreneurs running their own small businesses, held in Greenville, SC earlier this month. We were both yearning to go. Next thing I know, last minute – she IS going! She made it happen. I stayed glued to her Instagram, awaiting photos and reports of fabulousness.

Hayna was so jazzed by the conference that the two of us plus another super-smart doer who attended the conference, Denise McGuire of Making the Nest of It decided to have lunch and bat around some ideas for producing our own conference here in Rochester. At the last minute, we put the brakes on, because we are three of the busiest people we know and the timing just isn’t right. We’re back-burnering it for now, but the idea is still percolating inside of us.

Go read Hayna’s blog posts!

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Comments on: "Embrace the Risk" (2)

  1. I loved reading this post Stefani! Inspiring to say the least! I saw Hayna was going to the Makers Summit last minute and sometimes wonder how it is her and others utilize social media so well?!
    We should have a RA conference of the minds!!


    • Rochester Artisans said:

      We really want to, Betsy, but can’t figure out how to squeeze it into our lives. Until we figure that out, I think conversing at our monthly Artisan Socials, is a great, informal way to share information. The next one is April 15, 6-8pm. Everyone is welcome and we have about 9 seats left for the April one. Details are here:

      Also – YOU are someone who utilizes social media very well! (Which speaks to why you are so interested in how others handle it.) 🙂


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