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In this day and age when elections become news years (literally!) before the actual voting date, it’s weird to think there was a time when women weren’t allowed to vote. That is something I definitely take for granted. I have not consistently voted in all elections, but I’ve never missed a presidential election. As soon as my son was eligible to vote, I made sure he voted. It happened to be the first time Barack Obama was elected and I actually got a little verklempt driving home from my polling place. I remember the civil rights movement. I remember when I was 7 years old seeing a sign on a laundromat when we lived in Chamblee, Georgia that said “Whites Only”. (Yes, I thought it meant you could only wash white clothes there and boy, that’s gotta be inconvenient for adults.)

Now I’ve had the opportunity to vote for an African American (twice!) and my Korean-born US citizen son voted in his first election. So yeah, I got a little misty-eyed. Yes, I’m a sap. And I celebrate my sappy-ness!

Um, where was I?


Art! Of course!

Join us as we celebrate the 95th anniversary of the 19th Amendment!

Susan B Anthony Festival
Susan B Anthony Museum & House
17 Madison Street
Rochester, NY 14608

Family fun in Susan B. Anthony Square Park with music, artists, and other entertainment, 1pm – 4pm

Tours of the Anthony House, 11am – 5pm


Rochester Artisan Kim Pandina will be there with her Panda Wear hand crafted jewelry.


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