Creative Entrepreneurship

Say No to Spec

This video addresses the issue that lots of artists talk about – as do musicians, and many others I’m sure. We get asked for donations for fundraisers, sometimes it’s even mandatory. “It would be great exposure!” You can die from exposure and exposure doesn’t pay the rent.

My personal rule of thumb is simple: do what’s in my heart. If I like the organization or the organizer, and it’s within my budget for the year, it’s likely I’ll contribute.

I’m associated with the Maplewood Y Artisan Craft Show and we do require a donation of artwork with a retail value of $15. We put all these items in our raffle along with gift cards & tickets donated by area businesses. It’s part of the fundraiser, the reason the craft show is held and 100% of the money raised goes to fund youth programs at that YMCA. Because the booth fee has always been low ($45 this year), and my actual cost for making a $15 retail value item is way less, I feel it’s fair & reasonable for a 6 hour show.

Thanks to Samantha Lake for sharing this video!


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