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Need More Ornaments Collage

For the 4th year now, Rochester Artisan members have decorated a small tree with handmade ornaments and donated it back to the George Eastman Museum. It’s part of a holiday-themed fundraiser for the George Eastman Museum. For 10 days or so, one can visit the museum and see the collection of locally made gingerbread houses – plus wreaths and trees are sold through silent auction. The Museum supplies the 3′ artificial tree with lights. (Quantities are limited so if you or your organization would like to do this too, contact Kathy Connor at the museum, to be added to the mailing list so you will be notified when trees become available.)

Here’s what Kathy wrote in her thank you letter to Rochester Artisans:

“Your tree went for $105. The funds raised from this program went into our fresh flower fund this year. This fund helps us to continue a tradition Mr. Eastman himself started on having fresh flower arrangements in the restored rooms of his home. Of course Mr. Eastman had three functioning greenhouses to use for this purpose. We do not, so must buy our flowers wholesale and them arrange them in a historically accurate way, as Mr. Eastman’s flower arrangers did.”

Interesting! Who knew? (And that’s an all-time high bid for our tree, I believe. We’re usually in the $60-range, as I recall.) A big thank you to all our members who helped – you’re the best!

Mark your calendar for our next Eastman tree decorating party / Artisan Social – Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 @ 6-8:30pm. Please note, we’ve learned that we can’t have enough ornaments – we need about 30 total, minimum. Get crafting! 🙂


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