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I can’t stop talking about this app! I finally found a way to track my business mileage that works for me. I’ve tried keeping a notebook in the car, which I knew going in, wouldn’t work. There’s way too much room for user error (forgetfulness). I thought about putting a Post-It Note on the dashboard to remind me but I know stuff like that is short-lived because it quickly becomes part of the landscape and I’d stop seeing it.

I created a spreadsheet with data from Google Maps. That worked for “big” trips, but I’d always forget the little stuff, running errands for local supplies or meetings, etc.

I heard about Mile IQ on Artists Helping Artists. I love technology and I love phone apps since I always have my phone with me. I downloaded it and started using it right away – it’s even better than I expected! It uses sensors in your phone and satellite GPS co-ordinates to track every trip you make. When completed, swipe left for personal, swipe right for business.

Even when the new wears off, I can’t forget to categorize trips because it sends me an email reminding me. I can run monthly or annual reports and more. I can even rename locations to make identifying trips even easier. I can categorize each business trip by purpose. The blog provides all sorts of helpful information, like Mileage Deduction 101.

The app is free and the service is free for 40 trips/month. I thought, “Aha! Forty trips ain’t nothin’. This is where they get you – setting the “free” bar low and then you have to pay.” But wait! It’s only $5.99/month and even cheaper if you pay annually, $59.99 ($4.99/month). I just upgraded to the annual plan, to save money of course, but it also creates one item of record keeping, instead of 12. I expect to have more than $59.99 in mileage expense in a year – the thing pays for itself in no time.

Shameless Plug Alert! I honestly can’t find anything about this app that I would change.Use this link to explore If you try the app and like it, then upgrade to an annual plan, I get $25 and you get a 20% discount. So that very reasonable $59.99 annual fee (which is equivalent to $4.99/month), becomes $47.99 for you (which is equivalent to $3.99/month). As my friend Tom would say, “That’s a screamin’ deal.”

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  1. OK I’m sold. I promise to download it as soon as my new iPhone arrives…probably tomorrow. Will this be the year that I have accurate records for my business return next year?


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