Creative Entrepreneurship

This came to us in an email from Eve Elzenga. Some of you may know her from her With Love from Friends program, where Valentine’s Day cards were created by local artists. Eve worked with local agencies to disperse them to the elderly. She’s also an interior designer & event planner. If you’ve ever been invited to one of her fabuloso luncheons, the micro-attention to detail in her table settings alone will blow your mind.

You can imagine she has lots of cool stuff! She’s downsizing and selling lots of it on:
Saturday, July 30, 8am-3pm
415 Mt Vernon Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620

Beautiful craft supplies from the heyday of With Love: papers, stickers, scrapbooking materials, ribbons galore, punches, etc.

Vintage fabrics from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Lace, trims, appliqués, buttons, etc.

Party supplies: new paper napkins, plates, cups, cupcake papers, cake decorating materials, lanterns, party decor.

Like-new hard cover children’s books by famous authors/illustrators

Vintage books about every holiday you can think of with great illustrations you can use in art projects

Husqvarna Serger: never used, recently oiled, with every book, cd and instruction manual you could buy for it; in a carrying case.

Vintage hats in pristine condition. They were mine, most worn only once or twice.

“I’m sure I will be unearthing more this week. All will be priced to move swiftly!”


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