Creative Entrepreneurship


“Bringing the artist community together to foster goodwill and great ideas among everyone involved in professional arts and crafts in the Rochester, NY and surrounding area.”

We are a group of art business owners who want to share common experiences, offer encouragement and bounce ideas off each other. We are generally 1-person operations and lots of us have “day jobs” too.

We are located near Rochester, NY. We communicate via Rochester Artisans Facebook Group since we are all busy running our businesses. But lots of us have met in person at shows & events!

Our files are stored on Google Drive, which includes a Shows Sheet – listing lots of area craft shows and art festivals, complete with contact information, fees, etc. We have a file full of show applications, show reviews, links to credit card processors, tools for running a business. All free.

Our group consists of artists from emerging artists to seasoned veterans, all of whom love to learn and help others and “pay forward” their experiences. Just ask a question, someone is sure to know the answer!

Our membership also includes store owners and show organizers. Everyone is welcome!

To join, click the button at the top of the sidebar on any page of this website.

Stefani Tadio


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  1. Hi Stefani!

    Would you add me to the list? You’ve done a great job with this site. Honestly you are doing such a nice thing for all of us with the group and now this – and the spread sheet of shows AND applications. I’m not very active, but without all the help you provide, I wouldn’t have a hope of making it to any shows!

    Can you list me under jewelry (the painted wooden beads/necklaces) and some category for the painted furniture I do? Some tables are on my website (

    Thanks so much!



  2. Rochester Artisans said:

    Hi Sharon – you give me too much credit! I was just trying to obtain artisan vendor information that I could pass along to our Rochester Artisans.

    Kyle – after Sharon’s note I went to the website for information. Someone needs to reboot the server because, wow, that is one slow website! Secondly – it would great if more information on applying to be a vendor could be provided on the website. Even the price of a space would be beneficial in weeding out those not interested. A link to the application would be outstanding.

    So there are spaces still available? Are there spaces for solo artists or are the spaces for “corporate” vendors mostly?

    If so, is there an application you could email to me so I could send it our list of artisans in case anyone is interested? We have a number of artists who make garden-related items.

    Thanks so much!


  3. Kyle Stevens said:

    I wish I had more involvement with the site, sorry it is not operating more effectively.
    To answer your question, yes there are 8×10, 10×10, as well as larger booths available. Anyone looking for information can contact me at
    I can forward the vendor details to you.

    Kyle Stevens


  4. Hello dear stefani
    Thanks a lot for refering me to this website that’s so kind of you and you doing a good job, so I’m also an artist I actually move here in rochester so I really wanna show people here in rochester about my craft so how can I meet the team plz I will also call the number in the button


    • Rochester Artisans said:

      We communicate almost exclusively via email. If you click the Join button in the sidebar on the right, that will take you to the Yahoo Groups page so you can join our group. You do have to have a Yahoo ID and password but you can use any email address you want.

      Good luck!


  5. Corolyn Clay said:

    I am looking for someone who needs new and used ceramic molds. There are a lot of them and my sisters are of an age that they are no longer capable of using them. On top of that their kiln died too. If you know of someone who needs ceramic molds and would be willing to come to Memphis, Tn to collect them free. Please let me know. Thank you. You site is wonderful by the way. I am an artist who has never had a showing except for donating to local PBS station. Lots of commissions but have been disabled and just starting back into doing my art. I love to find communities like yours.


    • Rochester Artisans said:

      Thanks for your kind comments, Corolyn! I just sent your info out to our email list and cc’d you as well. Good luck!


  6. Brenda Shortsleeve said:

    Hi Stephanie.I have some abalone I collected tidepooling in California. I would like to see if I can have a necklace made. You were referred to me by Anita Serafine. She said you might know someone who could do this Thank you.


    • Rochester Artisans said:

      Hi Brenda –

      I love Anita!

      I posted your request in our Rochester Artisans Insiders group so I hope you hear from one of our artists who can help you with your sure to be beautiful abalone jewelry!


  7. Does anyone have a shop that does custom wood signs for vendor tents? I’m looking for those old fashion tavern-style advertisements that one hangs outside.


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