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A Sale for Artists – July 30

This came to us in an email from Eve Elzenga. Some of you may know her from her With Love from Friends program, where Valentine’s Day cards were created by local artists. Eve worked with local agencies to disperse them to the elderly. She’s also an interior designer & event planner. If you’ve ever been invited to one of her fabuloso luncheons, the micro-attention to detail in her table settings alone will blow your mind.

You can imagine she has lots of cool stuff! She’s downsizing and selling lots of it on:
Saturday, July 30, 8am-3pm
415 Mt Vernon Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620

Beautiful craft supplies from the heyday of With Love: papers, stickers, scrapbooking materials, ribbons galore, punches, etc.

Vintage fabrics from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Lace, trims, appliqués, buttons, etc.

Party supplies: new paper napkins, plates, cups, cupcake papers, cake decorating materials, lanterns, party decor.

Like-new hard cover children’s books by famous authors/illustrators

Vintage books about every holiday you can think of with great illustrations you can use in art projects

Husqvarna Serger: never used, recently oiled, with every book, cd and instruction manual you could buy for it; in a carrying case.

Vintage hats in pristine condition. They were mine, most worn only once or twice.

“I’m sure I will be unearthing more this week. All will be priced to move swiftly!”

Michelle Roberts: The Hallmark Dream

I met Michelle Roberts a few years ago when we had lunch to sift through ideas on some projects between Rochester Artisans and her branding & design business, Novus|Be Known. I could tell immediately that she’s the real deal, very creative and very motivated.

But even before that I knew Michelle on Facebook through her beautiful Messenger Birds. Simple design, beautiful form & finish and interactive because they come with a blank scroll of paper for your special message for the recipient of your gift.

I wanted to share my story of how my craft is now in Hallmark stores across the country. I wanted to let our fellow artisans know that Hallmark is looking for artisans and their handmade craft to sell in the stores. They are repositioning themselves as more of a handmade, support-the-artist company which lends some awesome opportunity to all artisans! I thought this was some useful information coming from someone whose dream just came true!!

Hallmark Story

"I knew I could do it and I just did it."

“I knew I could do it and I just did it.”

De-Stash Bash – May 14

Click image to go to Facebook event page.

Click image to go to Facebook event page.

Giant Garage Sale of Art Supplies


May 13-15
Friday & Saturday, 9am-4pm
Sunday, 10am-3pm

18 Twin Ponds Drive
Spencerport, NY

My friend Beth Sperandio is closing her business, Dio Designs. It’s bittersweet because she’s doing it for a good reason, for family reasons, but her jewelry business has been a big part of her life for a long time. I hope she can go back to it someday. She’s really creative.

Look how classy her booth set-up is! Aww, her Rochester Artisans sign is right there too...

Look how classy her booth set-up is! Aww, her Rochester Artisans sign is right there too…

The good news for us artists is she is offering a ton of things at deep discounts. I know she is happy that her things will go to good homes. Here’s a taste of what’s available for sale this weekend. Cash only, of course.

Thousands of Beads

Thousands of Beads

Ring Blanks

Ring Blanks

Lighting Set-Up for Photography

Lighting Set-Up for Photography

Hadar Jacobson Clays

Hadar Jacobson Clays

Epson 2400 Photo Printer with Lots of Ink Cartridges

Epson 2400 Photo Printer with Lots of Ink Cartridges





Cuff Blanks

Cuff Blanks

Cash Register

Cash Register

Mile IQ

MileIQ Banner
I can’t stop talking about this app! I finally found a way to track my business mileage that works for me. I’ve tried keeping a notebook in the car, which I knew going in, wouldn’t work. There’s way too much room for user error (forgetfulness). I thought about putting a Post-It Note on the dashboard to remind me but I know stuff like that is short-lived because it quickly becomes part of the landscape and I’d stop seeing it.

I created a spreadsheet with data from Google Maps. That worked for “big” trips, but I’d always forget the little stuff, running errands for local supplies or meetings, etc.

I heard about Mile IQ on Artists Helping Artists. I love technology and I love phone apps since I always have my phone with me. I downloaded it and started using it right away – it’s even better than I expected! It uses sensors in your phone and satellite GPS co-ordinates to track every trip you make. When completed, swipe left for personal, swipe right for business.

Even when the new wears off, I can’t forget to categorize trips because it sends me an email reminding me. I can run monthly or annual reports and more. I can even rename locations to make identifying trips even easier. I can categorize each business trip by purpose. The blog provides all sorts of helpful information, like Mileage Deduction 101.

The app is free and the service is free for 40 trips/month. I thought, “Aha! Forty trips ain’t nothin’. This is where they get you – setting the “free” bar low and then you have to pay.” But wait! It’s only $5.99/month and even cheaper if you pay annually, $59.99 ($4.99/month). I just upgraded to the annual plan, to save money of course, but it also creates one item of record keeping, instead of 12. I expect to have more than $59.99 in mileage expense in a year – the thing pays for itself in no time.

Shameless Plug Alert! I honestly can’t find anything about this app that I would change.Use this link to explore If you try the app and like it, then upgrade to an annual plan, I get $25 and you get a 20% discount. So that very reasonable $59.99 annual fee (which is equivalent to $4.99/month), becomes $47.99 for you (which is equivalent to $3.99/month). As my friend Tom would say, “That’s a screamin’ deal.”

MileIQ Devices

Let’s Bead! is Closing

Personally, this is my favorite bead store. The first time I walked in and saw the wall of perfect tubes of perfectly colored beads lined up perfectly, I almost couldn’t breathe. The layout is clean and fresh, things are easy to find and the staff is amazing. They are friendly and helpful, just the best.

LetsBead Bead Wall

This is the very definition of bittersweet news. I’m happy for the owner, sad for the beading community. I wish someone could have purchased the business to keep it running business as usual.

Let’s Bead! Store Closing

The owner of Let’s Bead! is retiring and moving to a sunny location down south, so Let’s Bead! will be closing its doors permanently December 19th, 2015.

From September 21st until December 19th, all inventory in the store will be 50% off! We’ll also be selling our class samples, tools and equipment, our store displays, décor and fixtures. We will no longer be taking special orders or issuing gift cards. Be sure to redeem gift cards you may have. We will continue to do jewelry repairs as long as we have the components that are needed. We will no longer be conducting Design du Jour workshops.

It’s been great fun traveling to bead shows, working with talented and creative staff, learning and teaching a variety of beading techniques, and making many new friends, but now it’s time to escape Rochester winters and pursue new interests and adventures. We’re grateful to our loyal customers who have supported us these past 8-1/2 years, and we’re extending our remaining inventory at half price until we close in December.

Let’s Bead!
Piano Works Mall
349 West Commercial Street
East Rochester, NY 14445


Store Hours:

Monday 10-6
Tuesday 10-6
Wednesday 10-8
Thursday 10-6
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-6
Closed Sunday

LetsBead Store

Shop Local, Sponsor Local

Click image for details of available sponsorship levels.

Click image for details of available sponsorship levels.

The deadline for artists to apply to the fall Mayday! Underground Crafts + Art Show is next Tuesday, September 1. Whether you are an artist or not, you might be interested in helping sponsor this 12th semi-annual, very popular & successful indie show. There are sponsorship opportunities galore, some free, some paid.

Click image to go to the show's Facebook event page, which will be filled with photos of participating artists once they have been announced on September 10.

Click image to go to the show’s Facebook event page, which will be filled with photos of participating artists once they have been announced on September 10.

Try, Just Try . . . Learned Helplessness

This video by Derek Muller of Veritasium doesn’t specifically mention art but that’s where my head always is. One of my favorite things about Rochester Artisans is helping emerging artists, of any age. I share it in hopes that you find the same encouragement that I found in it.

Guest Post: Hope in Art Studio

Lesley Shakespeare-Brogan Purple Iris

Hi folks,
I am pleased to introduce myself… as one of Rochester Artisans’ Artists. My name is Lesley Shakespeare-Brogan owner of Hope In Art Studio, located in Anderson Alley on Goodman and Anderson St in Rochester.

I have been painting since 1988 when I was introduced to Decorative Painting by a co-worker and have worked in acrylics doing Decorative Painting (furniture, faux finishes, canvas) ever since. A few years back I was introduced to colored pencil taking my first class with Jean Stephens here in Rochester. I was hooked! This medium has become my very favorite to work in because it is the most meditative medium for me and I love the detail I am able to achieve with it. I do some watercolor and oil too.

I have been teaching at Monroe Community College in health Education for 15 years or so and have also taught art ever since I facilitated art night when working in drug treatment as a Recreation Therapist in the late 80’s.

Currently, at my studio I teach Zentangle Workshops the first Monday of every month. This is an art form that is very easy to learn and renders impressive results quite quickly. It’s use of repetitive patterns to create beautiful images. It enhances ones ability to focus yet is lighthearted and very fun!

Third Sundays of the month I facilitate Mandala Healing Art Workshops. Creating Mandalas is a mindful-based practice in which participants engage in a few short meditations to become more centered and to reduce the clutter of the mind. There is usually a theme … anything from “Connecting to the Light” to “forgiveness” but always something our hearts can relate to and something nourishing for soul.

Couples Create Night is a unique and creative evening out with your partner whereby you “connect” with your partner in a novel way by painting one painting on a double canvases that you can display side by side. I will guide you slowly through painting with acrylic on canvas. Guaranteed to win you some points! Wine is served.

Ladies, you can reserve your own Girls Night Out. In this relaxed atmosphere you and your friends will be guided through painting a set of wine glasses, tea box or birdhouse. Bring some wine and munchies to enjoy. This is a great night for team building groups too.

Wine Caddy

No experience is necessary for any of these events. Everyone is welcome but you can be guaranteed a wonderful and inspiring experience at Hope In Art Studio.

To reserve classes go to my Hope in Art Studio website.
You can also email me or give me a call at 585.727.4574.

I hope we get to work together soon!

Lesley Shakespeare-Brogan

Rochester Makerspace Offers Crafternoon, 3rd Friday Maker Show & More

Makerspace Header

Upcoming Events
• April 6: Lego User Group Meetup
• April 9: Shop Safety Class
• April 11: Exploring Fiber: Shuttle Tatting
• April 12: Sunday Crafternoon
• April 17: Third Friday Art, Craft, and Maker Show
• April 18: CNC Basics and Intermediate Embedded Microcontrollers Class
• April 25: 3D Printer Meetup


Rochester Lego Users Group

April 6, 6:30pm – We will have a Lego soccer field (pitch?) to test your mini figure sports skills on. Feel free to bring a sig fig or other figure with normal legs.

As usual feel free to bring MOCs or sets to show off, figures or models to trade and what not.

We are doing a brickraiser, which is a fancy term for raising funds by selling bulk Lego. Goal is to purchase banners to use at our public events. You can let us know in advance and we will reserve minimum of 1 lb of bulk Lego for $10. Each additional pound is $10. Pick up at our monthly meeting, our library programs or send us a note for other arrangements.


New Member Mandatory Safety Class

April 9, 7 PM – This free safety class is required if you want to use our woodworking shop. Nonmembers can take this but they can’t use the woodshop even during our weekly Community Nights. The class will take about 60 to 90 minutes.


Exploring Fiber: Shuttle Tatting

April 11, 11 AM to 12 PM – $11.24. Tatting is a method of making lace by tying overhand knots. The shuttle method produces the most precise knots and offers more techniques than needle tatting. In the class we will learn how to make a basic lace edging. The student kit will contain tools and materials to make several snowflakes or bookmarks.

Instructor Denise Skidmore is a shepherd of rare Cotswold sheep, and a collector of fiber arts techniques.


Sunday Crafternoon

April 12, 2 to 5 PM – FREE! Are you a crafter who would like to meet other crafters? Join us at the Rochester Makerspace for Sunday Crafternoon, a monthly gathering where we can meet, socialize, show off our projects, share ideas, and be inspired.

Visit Rochester Makerspace for more details!

Visit Rochester Makerspace for more details!

Third Friday Art, Craft & Maker Show

April 17, 6 to 9 PM – FREE! An event for artists, crafters, craftspersons or other makers and the public. Show off your work, walk amongst the items, enjoy finger food, and mingle with other creative types. Heck, you will probably find something you’d like to buy! The public is encouraged to come check it out.
If you would like to display your work, we just ask that you bring some snacks, beverages or appetizers to share and complete this short application.

Check Rochester Makerspace for class listings.

Check Rochester Makerspace for class listings.

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