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Local Art Orgs

Arts & Cultural Council

Creative Wellness Coalition

Genesee Center for the Arts and Education

Hearts and Crafts

Genesee Country Lace Guild

Genesee Valley Quilt Club

Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild

Irondequoit Art Club

Irondequoit Craft Guild


Rochester Art Club

Rochester Folk Art Guild

Rochester Knitting Guild

Weavers' Guild

Comments on: "Local Art Orgs" (3)

  1. Hi! I need your help in accessing the Yahoo site for Rochester Artisans. I am a flame-work bead-maker who joined the group a few months ago. However, I have had some computer problems recently and have lost passwords and links. I really want to start doing some shows and appreciate your providing access to show info. Thanks.


  2. Toby Berke said:

    As a follow-up: I would like to be listed as an Artisan and have your help in improving the way I market my work.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Judy Lynd said:

      Toby…you may want to consider having a booth at the Fall Arts and Crafts Festival at the Heritage Square Museum on October 4, 2014. Contact me if you are interested.


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