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Craftypod Interview with Ann Martin

Yes, that’s the book that has one of my hand stitched paper art projects in it, so this post is a little self-serving. (Though not exactly, I don’t receive compensation for each book sold or anything.) My bigger point is while I’ve known Ann Martin for a few years, this is the first time I’ve heard Ann’s voice and seen her in anything but a still photo! We used to say we like match a face with a name. Now in this digital age – I’m happy to match a voice to a name.

It’s a good interview and thought you might find it interesting, for a little bit of the behind the scenes of creating this book. I highly recommend Ann’s blog, All Things Paper if you like paper at all. She never fails to amaze with the artists she introduces us to, from all over the world.

(If you buy the book through Ann’s blog, she’s an Amazon affiliate and makes a few cents from each purchase. Thanks!)

This is my project in the book. What else? Sticky Notes!

This is my project in the book.
What else? Sticky Notes!

Anthropologie Display Artist – Ashley Nardone

I saw this video on Ann Martin’s All Things Paper blog.

Anthropologie: The Making of Our Holiday Windows from Anthropologie on Vimeo.

And more photos for your Anthro enjoyment are here.

All Things Paper


I’m in a book, you guys!

I met the author, Ann Martin online through our mutual love of paper. She interviewed me in 2009 for her blog, All Things Paper. I’ve been a loyal fan ever since. The paper art she blogs about blows my mind and the artists she interviews inspire me every day.

For me, this book project started about two years ago. (I’m sure for Ann, it started w-a-y before that!) She invited who knows how many paper artists to submit projects for her book. Just being invited had me on cloud nine. We had to submit a few photos and basic instructions, I think.

I chose a customer favorite, my Sticky Notes!

I chose a customer favorite, my Sticky Notes!

Ann had warned us the book project would be a couple of years in the making, so I put it out of my mind mostly. When my project was selected to be in the book, I was happy all over again!

But not for long. Ann’s agent had shopped the book around and the publisher was requiring the artists be responsible for their own photographs. That was when I discovered how little I knew about taking good photographs. I didn’t even know what TIFF (tagged image file format) was or if my camera could take photos in that format (no). It’s weird, because poor photos are a pet peeve of mine but through this process I learned I’m really a “good enough” kind of girl.

Poor Ann and all she had to endure with me, bless her heart. I ended up hiring a professional photographer to take the remaining required shots and it was well worth it. (Plus I learned a lot from Jennifer Natale at Sweet Pickle Photography and made a new friend in the process.)

I was so glad to have that “black cloud of photography” over with! Even though we artists would get periodic updates from Ann on the process, it was probably a year later that the book’s cover and release date of June 11 were revealed. Yep, I got happy all over again – it was real. This is happening!

I received my copy of the book in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Whoa. This is really real! I made everyone I crossed paths with look at it.

Ann is hosting a book giveaway on her blog today, ending June 16. She also provides a link to buy the book on for $11.55. Kindle and Nook editions available too. She’s an Amazon affiliate so buy through her link so she makes a little something from Amazon.

This was a few days before the Genesee Valley Quilt Club’s 3-day quilt show extravaganza and the perfect place to sell the book I thought. I did this show 4 years ago and that was the first time I’ve had requests for patterns and kits. My contract with the publisher says I can never sell the pattern that’s in the book, though I can continue to use it to create my own pieces. (I offered a different pattern for sale, for the first time and it was quite successful.)

Book Table 600
So I set up this table in my booth, including little business card size slips of paper with the book’s name and author so people could remember to buy it when it was released.
All Things Paper Business Cards

For those curious, I was paid for my participation in the book but I don’t get “royalties” or anything from the sale of the book. I was also able to purchase a quantity of books at the “author rate”.

I haven’t even had a moment to read the book myself but I’ve thumbed through it a bunch of times and I can’t wait to sit down and really devour it. It’s a book of paper art, people! What could be better than that?

A big fat thank you goes out to Ann Martin – for doing what you do on a daily basis so generously. And thanks for giving me my little 15 minutes in your world. I’m so happy and proud to be in this book!

Supplies 400
A funny side note. You know how when you are crafting away at your art with your normal tools of the trade? It’s only when you need to photograph them for a book do you realize how crummy they look! How many of us have a nice looking pencil in the house? (I surgically removed a bad eraser from a good pencil and glued a new eraser in place. Seriously.) I found myself buying a new pristine bone folder, ruler and scissors! And a pin cushion. I don’t even use a pin cushion – I use the couch arm or my shirt! I got a kick out of myself then being hesitant to actually use my new props, but I got over it. Until the next photo shoot, I suppose.

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