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Jewelry Artisan Sale & Demonstrations

April FB Event Cover

Fairport Pharmacy & Gift Shop will feature our jewelry artisans with sales 10am-2pm and these 3 demonstrations:

10:30 Kathy Houser: Fiber Necklaces & Pins
11:00 Lori Prince: Wire Birds Nest Necklaces
12:00 Carla Staples: Wood Veneer Spiral Earrings

Red Bird Market will host Arbor Hill Winery & Grapery with samples of their fine products, 10am-1pm.

The Corner Bookstore will feature books on hobbies & DIY, 10am-4pm. There will also be a children’s craft event and selected children’s books on sale for 2 for $1.

April Giveaway Beads
We continue our 3rd Saturday Token Program in an artisan way! Make a purchase in any of our 3 stores and you’ll be given a token to one of the other stores. Make a purchase there that day and receive a free gift. We’ve given away hand stitched paper magnets, fused glass magnets and in April, our free gift is a beautiful handmade bead created by Lori Prince. She crafted the bead from polymer clay and embossed and embellished it beautifully. It has a large diameter hole, perfect for those popular bracelets – or slide it onto a cord or chain to wear as a necklace. Slip it onto a length of ribbon for the perfect bookmark.


New! Holiday Guide – from Sweet Whimsy Designs!

Holiday Guide 2014

Leandra Sweet is an amazing woman I met at Rochester Brainery in 2013. I’ve watched her peg dolls get more refined and creative than you could ever believe possible for a peg doll. Such detail on tiny pieces of wood!

I saw a mention from her in social media a few weeks ago, that she was putting together a holiday guide. It caught my eye because that is something I specifically wanted to search out this year, for the four entities that I passionately promote:

My own paper art business, Pine Tree Designs.

My actual steady-paying job, the manager of the gift department of Fairport Pharmacy.

My beloved community of artists, Rochester Artisans.

My newest venture, Hungerford 318, a shop in The Hungerford that I co-own with Jean Keane, Lori Prince, Mary Terziani and Tom Zachman.

I’ve barely researched it, know I have to start earlier in the year, but at least holiday guides are on my radar now. I’ve been mainly focusing on navigating the world of press releases and just learning what promotional options are available, outside of Facebook. 2014 has been the year of remembering there is life outside of Facebook. No, really!


Which brings us to Instagram. When it first arrived on the social media scene, I made a conscious decision to stay away from it, simply because I did not want One More Thing. But during the last few months I’ve noticed more and more usage of it and have heard it’s great for promoting and sharing.

So I opened an account a couple of weeks ago and I love it! Which is maybe what I was afraid of in the first place. 🙂 I, like most artists I guess, am a very visual person. Second only to Pinterest, I love the visual fulfillment I get from Instagram. Like I said, I’m new – only have 10 posts so far.

Back to Leandra Sweet. I love her blog, I love seeing photos of her 3 little Sweets, 2 girls and 1 boy; she homeschools them. I love her enthusiasm and passion. And boy, is she all over Instagram!

When the student is ready, Leandra appears! I am in her {Handmade} Holiday Gift Guide 2014, featuring the gift shop at Fairport Pharmacy, home to 60+ local artisans – and Hungerford 318. Leandra introduced me to the world of giveaway loops on Instagram. I love learning new things! Ours runs through November 6 so I wanted to get this posted ASAP to alert you. You’ll recognize a good number of Rochester Artisans as you loop through the shops. (The instructions are included here.

This giveaway loop heavily features shops which sell stuff for kids, which makes sense since that is the demographic for Leandra’s peg dolls and she has little kids. I finally re-opened my Etsy shop this week and really need to beef that up, and then I can very easily see myself getting into more of these, geared more toward my demographic. I can also see myself running a few of these throughout 2015. (Oops! Was that out loud??)

In the span of the 7 hours this giveaway loop has been up, my followers increased from 72 to 596. See why I need to stock up my Etsy shop?? If only a fraction of those 596 turned into buyers, I’d be happy.

Christmas Tree Card Kit

Call for Art: Yuletide Traditions

Perinton Historical Society Yuletide Traditions Image 2014

I recently made a new friend, the director of the Perinton Historical Society. We had an appointment at Fairport Pharmacy last week, and even though her first name is Vicki with an “i”, I was half-expecting an old geezer. I say geezer in a loving way, being a woman of a certain age myself. 🙂

Vicki Profitt is younger than I am (so who’s the geezer now??) By the end of our short conversation, we felt like we were related, we have so much in common. It was fun.

She told me about a fundraiser they are holding to benefit the Perinton Historical Society so naturally, I thought of my artist friends!

Donate a decorated tree, wreath or gift basket for silent auctions to benefit the

Perinton Historical Society.

Click the image below, which leads to the pdf with details & registration. The deadline to register is October 25.

Perinton Historical Society Yuletide Traditions 2014

Spotlight on Fairport: The Fairport Pharmacy

Front Window

Spotlight on Fairport: The Fairport Pharmacy.

Angela MacAllister, Berry Cute Hats

Angela MacAllister Berry Cute Hats

I met Angela MacAllister recently when she contacted me about selling her hand knit & crocheted hats at Fairport Pharmacy. She is as sweet as can be and when she asked if she should bring her own hat display stands, I knew she was a winner. Her husband makes these for her – aren’t they perfect?

Angela MacAllister Berry Cute Hats Sleeping Baby

Her daughter is her model, along with various other little people in her life. I don’t know who is who, but I could eat any one of them up with spoon!

Angela MacAllister Berry Cute Hats Purple Flower Hat

Berry Cute Hats are available locally at these fine stores:
Naples Apothecary – South Main Street Naples, NY
Fairport Pharmacy – Fairport Village Landing Fairport, NY
With My Two Hands – 529 Merchants Road Rochester, NY

Angela welcomes custom orders too! You can message her via Facebook or email her at
Hats can be picked up locally in Rochester, NY and Naples, NY or mailed. Paypal is accepted as well as cash.

Angela MacAllister Berry Cute Hats Kids in Snow

Patty Zachman, Enamelist

Patty's Process

I met Patty Zachman through her husband, Tom, who was one of the very early joiners of Rochester Artisans. He’s a glass artist, now working with fused glass and has also worked with stained glass. Patty is a calligrapher and she loves paper. A lot. Especially delicate handmade paper with inclusions.

She still works on her calligraphy, but a couple of years ago Patty started working with powdered enamel and copper, turning it into lovely jewelry. I was at Tom & Patty’s house over the summer and asked for a tour of their studios, aka, the basement. Panic ensued but they led me downstairs, showed me lots of stuff and answered skillions of questions. I love studio tours – seeing how other artists live!


It was then that I learned what a labor intensive process it is to enamel copper. Each layer is it’s own little project – and Patty is as meticulous as they come!

When I asked her to join the artists selling their works at the Fairport Pharmacy gift shop, I noticed she wrote a nice little bit about her process when submitting the paperwork to me. I’ve posted it on our Facebook page and today decided to share it with customers in the store looking at her work. So I made a sign and placed it near her jewelry, as you can see in the top photo. People like to buy from people they know and like. To know Patty is to like her.

Each piece I make has many layers of enamel and color. I start with a piece of copper which I hand saw, drill, file, sand and thoroughly scrub clean of all dirt and oil.

Then I sift a layer of enamel onto the copper, fire it in a kiln at 1200-1500 degrees F. I let it cool and scrub it again. This process is repeated for every layer of enamel. Both sides of the copper are enameled to give the piece stability and allow the wearer to show either side.


Patty is very shy and I’m pretty sure she’s going to kill me when reads that I wrote an entire blog post about her. But I really want to encourage you to see her work in person in the gift shop at Fairport Pharmacy. She doesn’t do shows so this (plus one other store) are the only places to see her work. I would say all of her jewelry can be worn by men and women. The enameled copper pieces are clean, simple shapes and the depth of color is anything but simple.

The name of her business is FirePaint Studio (I confess, I’m not positive if that should be 2 words or 3!) I hope you enjoy her work.

Get to Know . . . Erin Gursslin

I met Erin Gursslin of Sunshyne Silverwear a couple of years ago, at one of the Mayday Underground shows I think. She’s just as sweet and friendly as she looks in the above photo!

I asked her about her process and she explained, “I recycle old spoons and make make them into little pieces of wearable art using a wide range of materials. Nothing is off limits, if it can be cast in resin, it’s fair game!”

One of my favorite things about Erin is how smartly she has constructed her display. She stores her pendants on the PVC pipe frame that she built – so her set up is quick and easy – just 20 minutes for indoor shows, she tells me. Brilliant! I thought she painstakingly painted her display but she told me it’s wrapped with patterned duct tape. Durable, colorful, again – brilliant!

Erin says she thinks of herself as a creator more than an artist. And she’s been creating for as long as she can remember. In the 2nd grade, she built her sister her very own Barbie mansion, out of old shoe boxes, strawberry containers and whatever was available.

And recyling and upcycling are still an important part of who she is. Her Green Mission is evidence of how passionate she is about preserving our planet. Notice she signs that page: Erin Gursslin, Ecopreneurist!

She offers a sweet deal for anyone interested in “paying” her in spoons:

~Each stainless steel spoon is worth 25 cents
~Each silver plated spoon is worth 50 cents
~Each rubber tipped baby spoon is worth 33 cents

If you can’t bring spoons to her at an event, you can ship them to her and she’ll send you a coupon for store credit, including the shipping fee. The specifics are found here.

“My favorite part is looking at the finished piece. I usually pour the resin about an hour before bed, and still to this day, the first thing I think of when I wake up is the new batch of pendants waiting for me in the studio. It’s like having a Christmas morning twice a week.”

“My least favorite part waiting for paint to dry so that I can go on to the next step.”

When asked what is the one tool she could not do without, she replied, “I use a ton of tools in creating my pieces, all of which are crucial to my process, but the thing I would really miss if it were gone is my stereo. I always work to music, it keeps me focused and helps the new ideas to flow. For me, it’s all about the ‘what’s next’ in the progression of my craft. Music helps me get there.”

More evidence of how important music is to Erin, is found in this little note on the Events page of her website, “***You can also find me ‘on shakedown street’ at a bunch of Phish and Furthur shows this year, details available soon.***”

Erin loves the interaction of meeting customers at her shows and events. The reaction heard most often is, “Spoons! These are made from spoons!!”

I have found that part of the allure of buying art created locally is getting to chat with the artisan – and Erin agrees. The thing that her customers find most surprising is how long it takes to make each piece. Each pieces takes about 3 days to complete – and she makes the pendants in batches of 10 at a time.

Erin goes on, “My technique has definitely improved. As far as the pendants go, I look back on my first pieces and kind of cringe. But there was something magical about those first pieces. There is a sense of reckless abandon and an ‘anything goes’ feel. Recently I have been thinking about bringing some of those old ideas back now that I have perfected my process.”

Erin is in the process of finalizing her 2012 show season. Her work is also available for sale at Maxim Salon and Spa (Park Ave), Fairport Pharmacy, on her web site Sunshyne Silverwear.

I asked Erin to describe her dream project and she told me she’d “love to collaborate with other jewelry artisans and harmonize our talents into creating some wild and crazy one of a kind pieces”.

I can’t wait to see some harmonized wild & crazy!

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