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GemX Jewelry Sale at Soulstice Artisan Market – Dec 4

GemX Sale 12414
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Get to Know . . . Ana Dooley

Ana Dooley and her great pal, Cody.

Ana Dooley and her best bud, Cody.

Rochester Artisan Ana Dooley is a creator of “everyday” jewelry. That’s not to say it’s common or boring – it’s casual and comfortable, perfect to wear anytime, not just on special occasions.

Ana Dooley GemX Necklace and Earrings

How long have you been an artist and how did you get started?
Artist? My entire life!! Jewelry, around 7 years. My husband calls me the ADHD Artist, I jump from one thing to another all the time. (Painting, metals, woodworking …)

Explain a little bit about your process.
I like to use recycled materials, and raw metals. Semiprecious stones. Most of my items are one of a kind.

Copper Patina Duo

What’s the comment heard most often about your art?
“Wow, that is different.”

What’s the one tool you couldn’t live without, in creating your art?
Not just one… my torch and my hammer.

How has your art changed over time?
Always changing. I have thousands of beads from my beginning days that I will never use. I just don’t use beads that much anymore. (Unless they are semiprecious stones.)

What’s your favorite part of making your pieces?
Expressing my creativity.

Least favorite?
Finishing them, I have so many started pieces.

Silver Trio

Ana’s work can be purchased at her online shop at Artfire. She often features her newest designs on her business Facebook page.

And this Thursday, May 2, 6:00-8:00, you can meet her in person at her GemX Mother’s Day Show at Soulstice Artisan Market, located at 632 North Winton Road in Rochester. Bring your mother or a friend and receive a free pair of earrings with a GemX purchase. Plus – wine, light snacks and a fun experience in a beautiful shop!

05-02-13 Soulstice

Corn Hill Arts Festival

I think Jen Born’s Corn Hill Poster should have been selected as the winner so I’m using it here instead of the one that did win, which is perfectly nice, but c’mon – this one rocks hard!

July 7 & 8
Corn Hill Arts Festival

133 South Fitzhugh Street
Rochester, NY

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Pysanky by MiaBest of Show Award, Central NY Maple Festival
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Artist Spotlight at Soulstice Artisan Market: Rochester First Friday

If you haven’t been to Soulstice Artisan Market   on N.Winton Rd, tomorrow is the perfect opportunity. Come check out the work of  jewelry designer Ana Dooley (GemX Jewelry) and wearables designer Tanvi Asher (Excessary) Friday May 6th from 6PM- 9PM. Refreshments will be provided.

Soulstice is a wonderful gift shop in the heart of Rochester’s Culver- Winton neighborhood that showcases the work of local artisans. The environment is warm and inviting and the owner, Collette Welch is always present to answer any questions. Don’t be surprised if you are warmly greeted at the door with a wet nose, the wonderful yellow lab, Bode.

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