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I Heart Charlotte

I love Charlotte Reid Besaw! Meet her one time and she makes you feel like you’ve been best buds forever. She’s fun, super creative and talented as you can see from her HandCandy Mittens website. She turned me on to the Beekman Boys. I love her liberal politics. She posts cool stuff on her Facebook page. If I tell you that she’s a hoot and a half, you’ll believe me after you see that her profile pic is a little boy pissing on GMO villan Monsanto. See what I mean?


Anyway, I love what she wrote on Network! this morning in response to this common question in the professional art/craft world, “How long have you been doing it full-time and what did it take for you to get there?”

I have done this full-time since 2006. My hubby came on board (that is, he now works with me) in 2010. He has a part-time job with our village, but it only amounts to 3-4 hours a day at best. He gives me a couple of hours cutting and sewing linings for me, and is my sherpa for shows, serving as chauffeur, waiter, laborer, and best buddy. I also have a lady who does hand finishing for me, and hire a cutter when I can afford it. We have wholesale accounts in around 40 stores, so that extends our season with shows. We live a very simple life. Our vehicles are not brand new, and we paid cash for them… they are not pretty, but they get us from point A to B and provide sleeping quarters on the road. We don’t have credit cards, we love to cook our own meals on the road, we have a garden and can our veggies, we are junkers. We have the best life that we could imagine, and could not be happier since we left the world of retail and restaurants( for me) and construction(, for him). Yes, the hours are long, the bookkeeping and paperwork suck, but I would not go back to the alternative. I work all the time, but I am a maker. It is what I do. Without a creative outlet (Colleen :)) I would lose my mind. I must sew. And God bless me, I can make enough money to pay my bills, fill our bellies, and be happy. Our shows are like little vacations, especially in the summer. We have canoes, and love to strap one to the top of the vehicle…great way to wind down on a Saturday night.

Surrounded by Mittens

Maplewood Y Craft Show – October 18

You’ll not be able to swing a dead cat at the 4th Annual Maplewood Y Craft Show, without hitting a Rochester Artisan!

Start checking off your holiday gift list by shopping among our 40 artisans. You can get a sneak preview on our website, Facebook page and event page.

But wait, there’s more! You can also visit with the Irondequoit Art Club, including a couple of demos:

12:30 to 1:00 – Drawing Portraits (David Pell)

1:00 to 1:30 – How to Tie One On – Creative Scarf Tying (S.A.M. Shrestha)

The FCTT Hi-Railers Model Railroad Club will be on hand as well. Club members will demo and display using craft techniques in model railroading.

9:30 to 11:00 – Demo of ‘Weathering’ for Realistic Effect

And here are all those Rochester Artisan members I was telling you about. This is our second year as a juried show and we’re confident you’ll love the variety and quality.

October 18
9:00 – 3:00
Maplewood Y Craft Show

Maplewood YMCA
25 Driving Park Avenue
Rochester, NY 14613

Beachcomber Designs
Berkes Beads and Art
CM Goodenbury Photography
Crimson Iris Kusudamas
Dragonfly Jewelry
HandCandy Mittens1st Place Wearable Fiber, 2014 Park Avenue Summer Art Festival
Just Terrific Handcrafted Goods
Kim Kolb Quilts
KreationalityAward Winner, 2014 Artist Row
Mary Catherman1st Place in Glass, 2014 Park Ave Summer Art Fest
Michele Kurpisz Designs
Moya Lazy Factory2013 Artist Row Award Winner
Pam B Designs
Pamela Frame
Patricia Overmoyer
Pine Tree Designs
Prismatic Gardens
Puccoon Raccoon Jewelry
Pure Joy Co.
Purple Hippo Crafts
Silverwear Creations
Sunshine on Water
Tattered Pearls
Wood’s Edge Studio

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Got July 4th Plans?

Sunshine on Water Sand

July 4
8:00 – 5:00
Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum Arts & Craft Show

Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum
7606 North Ontario Street
Sodus Point, NY 14555

Sunshine on Water

I had not heard of this show until I read about it on Betsy’s Sunshine on Water blog. Now I’m intrigued! What better place to spend the 4th of July than on the water buying art?

"The whale tails have been hand-forged by me with .925 Sterling Silver. The earring hooks are also made with sterling silver."

“The whale tails have been hand-forged by me with .925 Sterling Silver. The earring hooks are also made with sterling silver.”

Using high quality sterling silver is important to me. I form all of my designs with .925 sterling silver and incorporate clean lines with beautiful shapes.

“Using high quality sterling silver is important to me. I form all of my designs with .925 sterling silver and incorporate clean lines with beautiful shapes.”

If you find yourself in the Cazenovia area, here’s a great show to visit!

July 5 & 6
Saturday, 10:00 – 5:00
Sunday, 10:00 – 4:00
Cazenovia Arts & Crafts Fair

Lorenzo State Historical Site
Cazenovia, NY


BLS Designs
Canterbury Cabin Soap & Candle Company
Estancia Designs
HandCandy Mittens
Hilltop Pottery
I’m Melting … Glass
Shiny Bits Jewelry
Suki Handmade Jewelry

Cazenovia-Arts-Crafts-Fair-Ad_0514horiz-web 2014

43rd Annual Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival

July 26, 27, 28
Friday, 10:00 – 6:00
Saturday, 10:00 – 5:00
Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00
43rd Annual Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival

Columbus Circle
Syracuse, NY

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HandCandy Mittens2012 Award Winner, Remsen Barn Festival of the Arts; 3rd Place 2013 Keuka Arts Festival

HandCandy Mittens Trio

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Hilltop Pottery

Located in the hills of Maine, NY we offer functional, decorative and fun pottery.

We support the Little Animal Sanctuary in Lisle, NY with our donation items in this shop. Please look for the items that say charity listing. As part of the Artists for Animals Team, you can always count on at least one donation item in our shop at all times.

Hilltop Pottery Trio

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Mia Sohn at Work
Pysanky by Mia2012 Best of Show Award, Central NY Maple Festival; Award Winner, Remsen Barn Festival of the Arts and 2012 Award of Distinction, 3-D Mixed Media, Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival

I have been working in this art form for more than 30 years.
I really enjoy making traditional designs, and creating my own custom designs. I also enjoy talking about pysanky, so if you have any questions at all, feel free to email me!
The custom work I do is usually special requests for a specific egg, with certain symbols, or “sets,” such as wedding eggs for the whole wedding party.

Mia Sohn Trio

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