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2nd Saturday Things to Do

Click each image to be taken to the Facebook event page for further details. Lots of our favorite Rochester Artisans are featured at these monthly art festivals!

04-12-14 Second Saturday in Honeoye NY

April Brainery Bazaar


2nd Saturdays at The Hungerford


2nd Saturdays in Honeoye, NY

2nd Saturdays 400

Honeoye Craft Lab – Coming this Fall!

HCL Logo

Look what Rochester Artisan Liz Yockel has gone and done! Honeoye Craft Lab opens in the fall. The lease has been signed – she’s on her way to success, I promise you!

I first met Liz at Art & Whimsy a few years ago. It was a lah-de-dah fundraiser sale in a home with giant stone lions flanking the front entrance in the Oak Hill Country Club area – I think we both felt severely out of our element. We sold (ha!) our goods in, what was that? – the foyer to the library? Just the two of us in this small room with 3 hours to chat. I always said the best part of that event was meeting Liz. (Even better than gawking at the rich folk. G-o-l-l-y, Vern, would you take a gander at the size of that kitchen island – it’s bigger than my whole dang house!)

And that becomes more true every day. She’s a doer! I love doers! She’s a lawyer by day and a spinner, soapmaker, goat-raiser, beekeeper, fiber artist, goofball, weaver, bunny-lover, organizer, all-around-nicest-person and teacher in the rest of her life. I’m sure I’ve missed a slew of skills in that list.

Honeoye Craft Lab

Liz has been honing her creative skills since she was old enough to hold a crayon. She began the Honeoye Craft Lab to mesh her interest in the arts with her desire to create a place for community members to connect, as well as her interest in showcasing incredible local artists. She learned various crafts through both self-teaching/experimentation and formal instruction. Current skills include, but are not limited to, duct tape construction, dyeing, glass flame work, hand spinning, knitting, lip balm/lotion making, polymer clay cane work, soap making, and weaving. Along the way she obtained a bachelors degree in the history of science, medicine, and technology from Johns Hopkins, a masters degree in the study of environmental law, and a juris doctor from Vermont Law School. She may be found editing tax law treatises and organizing fiber festivals when she is not otherwise creating.

Oh yes – flamework! Recently I noticed a post on her Facebook page that she was taking a class at Rochester Arc & Flame and sent her a note asking if she was going professional with this. She replied she wasn’t sure yet and then shortly thereafter I saw a photo of her new glass work equipment at home. Yep, that’s our Liz.

HCL Building

I’ve really enjoyed observing Liz and her partner Travis Bradley search for and finally buy their dream home/farm and continue their journey to live an Earth-friendly self-sustaining lifestyle. I’d run into them at Mayday or other events and press them for details – what’s new? – what’s next? I’m surprised they didn’t run in the other direction, “Uh-oh, way-too-personally-invested Nosey-Nate Stefani spotted us – run! Run now!”

Etsy Header

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love young start-ups related to art & craft. Now I can add Honeoye Craft Lab to my list of personal hero projects, along with Rochester Brainery and Harvester Artisan Market. I suppose Dr. Freud would say that I am living through these Women Doers vicariously. Could be. I’m so happy they have found and are acting on their passion at their tender ages, lol, instead of not finding their full doer-hood until age 56. Note I said full doer-hood – I’ve been a doer/artist/organizer my whole life – and I consciously thank the universe (and Steve) every day for leading me to a time in my life when I can fully embrace who I am.

I’ve hardly been able to sit still long enough to write this blog post. Knowing Liz has always been inspiring but now this new dream-come-true for her has skyrocketed my respect for her and makes me want to be the best me I can. It also makes me want to make stuff. Right now. So I’m off to my craft lab down the hall!

Congratulations, Liz.
I’m SO proud of you!


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