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Hungerford 318 Launches Holiday Ornaments on First Friday, October 3

2014 Hungerford 318 Ornaments

First they were artists, then they became friends.

We met online a few years ago through Rochester Artisans, a community of artists founded by Stefani Tadio in 2009. Over time we ran into each other at local craft shows – and it didn’t take long for us to become good friends,” says glass artist Tom Zachman.

Jean Keane, JK Stitches, Shortsville, NY, uses whimsical and elegant fabrics to create useful accessories for pets and their humans.

Lori Prince, L Prince Designs Art Jewelry, Rochester, NY, creates artisan jewelry using copper, sterling silver, polymer clay and resin.

Stefani Tadio, Pine Tree Designs, Fairport, NY, designs symmetrical patterns on a computer, then stitches them by hand on paper, to make framed art, greeting cards and notepads.

Mary Terziani, Mary Terziani Glass, Rochester, NY, kiln fires colorful glass into bowls, plates and coasters in a very painterly style.

Tom Zachman, Tom Zachman Glass, Webster, NY, uses both recycled and new glass to make his one of a kind wind chimes and ornaments, often combined with steel elements.

“Over dinner, we’d talk about having a retail space to use for selling our art, to supplement our art fair income,” adds Lori Prince. “And we knew The Hungerford is where we wanted to be. It’s a four-story former syrup factory turned into artist studios and shops primarily, along with other businesses as well.”

H318 Banner

The five artists opened Hungerford 318 in June 2014. The group has joined HUA (Hungerford Urban Artists) to promote all that goes on in the building. And HUA is a member of both NOTABA (Neighborhood of the Arts Business Association) and The Market District. While all five artists live in the suburbs of Rochester, they are strong supporters of the local art scene everywhere.

“We’re all proud of each other’s work so it’s easy to talk with customers. It’s nice having five people to split the rent and provide coverage during events if some of us are busy with shows on weekends,” says Jean Keane.

Mary Terziani chimes in, “And working with friends is such a nice bonus!”

For October’s First Friday, on October 3 (6-9pm), the artists are launching their 2014 collection of ornaments, perfect for the holidays but beautiful for year-round display too.

The historic Hungerford building is located at 1115 East Main Street in downtown Rochester, near the Public Market. The artists are active participants in the highly popular First Friday (6-9pm) and Second Saturday (10am-3pm) events at The Hungerford, and their shop is also open by appointment.

Hungerford Logo 576 x 386

Return of Bugzilla


This annual event celebrates those harbingers of spring: insects!

Our guest artists have made pieces that pay homage to those critters that fly, creep & crawl.

Come see work created by:
Beth Bloom, Chris Charles, Karin Marlett Choi, Karen Henning Duncan, Randy Duncan, Carolyn R. Ellinger, Gayle A. Erwin, Ruth Hill, The Knotty Owl, Kathleen Kosel, Danielle Pagani, Amanda Preske, Bev Rafferty, Thievin’ Stephen, Paul Taylor Glass, Michelle Wescott, Casey Wright, Tom Zachman, Tanya Zani and of course, her bugginess, Clifton Wood!

It’s a Pop Up Roc show – an opening & closing party rolled into one fun night!

Additional parking at the Credit Union & Greenovation.
Please don’t park in front of the deli. That area is go & tow!

Cat Clay
The Hungerford Building
Suite 242 (2nd Floor)
1115 E. Main Street
Rochester, New York 14609

~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~

And there is lots more happening at The Hungerford on First Fridays, including two more Rochester Artisans:

March 7
6:00 – 9:00 pm
First Friday

The Hungerford Building
1115 East Main Street
Rochester, NY 14607

Cat Clay (Suite 225), Bugzilla, Bigger than the Beetles
Francesca DeCaire (Suite 216)
Urban TurningHonorable Mention at 2013 Artist Row

March 7 HUA

First Friday – Sept 6


September 6
6:00 – 9:00 pm
First Friday
The Hungerford Building
1115 East Main Street
Rochester, NY 14607

Francesca DeCaire (Suite 216)
Painting by Ann (Suite 318) – 1st Place in Painting & Drawing at Hilton Apple Festival 2012

Francesca 9-6-13

Ann Campbell 9-6-13

First Friday – June 7

June 7
6:00 – 9:00 pm
First Friday

The Hungerford Building
1115 East Main Street
Rochester, NY 14607

Cat Clay (Suite 225)
Francesca DeCaire (Suite 216)
Painting by Ann (Suite 318)

For those of you wanting to do a little “homework” before attending First Friday at The Hungerford Building, I thought you might enjoy reading a 2012 blog post about getting to know Francesca DeCaire and the way she approaches her artwork.


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