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Call for Art: Make Bike Art

Make Bike Art

It’s time for the annual Spokes & Ink Festival – celebrating bikes and bike art!

If your poster is chosen, it will be sold for $20 and you get $13 of that while the rest is used to support The Genesee Center for the Arts & Education. The deadline is May 1 and the rest of the details are here.

Need a little inspiration? Take a peek at previous entries by some of our Rochester Artisan friends!

Chris Charles, Fly Rabbit Press

Chris Charles, Fly Rabbit Press

Don Olney, Louise's Daughter and Karin Choi, Intertwingle.

Don Olney, Louise’s Daughter and Karin Choi, Intertwingle.

2014 Letterpress Calendar is Ready!

2014 Letterpress Calendar

(Click image to go to the Genesee Center for the Arts & Education’s Etsy page to purchase.)

This calendar is a collaboration of over a dozen “friends of the Printing & Book Arts Center” (based out of the Genesee Center for the Arts & Education) in Rochester, New York. The Printing & Book Arts Center program began in 2005 and is dedicated to preserving and promoting the tradition of letterpress printing, paper making, and bookbinding.

Each and every page of this calendar (with exception to May, which is hand screen-printed) was printed on a Vandercook No.3/No.4 Proof Press or a Heidelberg printing press.

Each month is an original piece of artwork from a featured local artist.

A variety of methods were used to print the images including lead type, wood type, hand cut linoleum block, photopolymer plates, and more! It’s nearly impossible to find a letterpress calendar of this size with such diverse images and processes.

January: Geri McCormick
February: Mariah Pfeiffer/Adriane Smith
March: Steven Lee-Davis
April: Shana Krisiloff
May: Matt Saxon
June: Karin Marlett-Choi
July: Bill Dexter
August: Christina Bartonicek
September: Elaine Cohen
October: Amy Rau
November: Roy Sowers
December: Chris Charles

Front Cover: Steven Lee-Davis
Back Cover: Mitchel Cohen
Calendar Grids: Bill Dexter

Two of our Rochester Artisans contributed to the creation of this calendar – Karin Marlett-Choi and Chris Charles!

Rochester Artisan Chris Charles of Fly Rabbit Press created the December page.

Rochester Artisan Chris Charles of Fly Rabbit Press created the December page.

Rochester Artisan Karin Marlett-Choi of Intertwingle created the June page.

Rochester Artisan Karin Marlett-Choi of Intertwingle created the June page.

3rd Annual Maplewood Y Craft Show

I can't resist pointing out that 4 out of 5 photos on this postcard show the work of Rochester Artisans. (And I'm working on the 5th to join!)

I can’t resist pointing out that 4 out of 5 photos on this postcard show the work of Rochester Artisans. (And I’m working on the 5th to join!)

Rocking Horse by Wayne Marks.
Pottery by Marsha King.
Pop-Up Card by Karin Marlett Choi.
Hand Stitched Tin by Stefani Tadio.
Lampwork Pendant by Francesca DeCaire.

Sara Senour has been running this Maplewood Y Craft Show for 3 years now. (It was called Creations with a Heart the first two years.) I’ve never met anyone more meticulously organized and on-task than Sara – she’s amazing!

In the interest of full disclosure – Sara invited me to assist her, mostly in the role of what I like to call Artisan Representative. Sara is a potter so she fully understands both sides of craft show production. Neither Sara nor I receive preferential treatment – we have both applied and will be juried along with everyone else.

I know it looks fishy, but I swear the graphic designer hired by the Y to design this postcard chose my work based on color. She doesn’t know me from Adam.

Rochester Artisans has been discussing recently how we can help show directors attract quality artisans and valuable customers. So when Sara’s recent email to her distribution list came through, I felt it was something I had to share here. My intention is to compel quality artists to apply and to perhaps give other show directors ideas they can use.

We are down to 6 weeks until the June 30 application deadline for the Maplewood Y Craft Show. The team however is as busy as ever promoting the show.

The show is now posted on over 40 websites. Closer to the show date, the show will be listed on the community and news media calendars and event listings.

We are looking into various publications to see if they will do an article on show and the artisans. This is in the hands of our very capable marketing person.

We are also working on getting some awesome prizes for 3 drawings to help promote the show and draw in customers. These promotions will pull in customers and have them stopping by everyone’s booth!!

“Passport” Drawing: This drawing’s prize is a Kindle Fire Tablet. It can only be entered by customers that have visited at least 30 booths at the show. They will have a form that the artisans will stamp or initial to prove they were there. The forms will then be placed in the drawing box on the way out.

“Door Prize” Drawing: This will be open to anyone who comes to the show. One of the prizes will be a 12 month adult “Y” membership. There will be several other prizes as we get sponsors for the show.

“Customer Sweepstakes” package: This requires the customer pre-register on-line. The benefits will be free raffle tickets, tote bags and an earlier exclusive shopping time. This will be up and running on the websites shortly.

The deadline to apply is June 30 and you don’t pay a dime until you are accepted. I recommend you check out the super cool website that Sara set up for the show, which includes all the nitty gritty. The application is online and could not be easier. Sara and I are both admins of the show’s Facebook page and the Facebook event page. We share like crazy and invite you to do the same.

Finally, I’ve been debating whether to mention this. In the 2 years I’ve been involved in this show, I occasionally hear concerns about the location of the Maplewood Y on Driving Park. I’ve been going to many meetings throughout both years and was a selling artist at last year’s show. I have never felt unsafe for one minute. There is ample parking at the Y and across the street at Maplewood Park.

The YMCA is a very family oriented place and as one who has spent considerable time with the staff there, I can’t say enough of the place. They provide fabulous volunteers throughout the show by the way. Last year, the kids loaded my booth into the building on a big dolly in one trip! I thought that was outstanding.

Enough of my blather. Go apply please.

2012 Show Photo


Check out the bakery’s Facebook page for frequent postings about what’s in the oven that day!

Fused Glass Sunflower Plate by Glass Artist Mary Terziani

Here are the 21 artisans whose sunflowery work will be for sale at The Sunflower Bake Shop for the entire month of August. We’ll be restocking throughout the month, so stop by frequently – – for some fresh baked goodness by bakery owners Pat Ewing and Shauni McDonnell, while you shop for locally created works of art.

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Tom Zachman Fused Glass

Sunflower Sticky Notes, Hand Stitched by Paper Artist Stefani Tadio, of Pine Tree Designs.

Fused Glass Flower by Glass Artist Mary Terziani

Brilliant Blue Bowl with Stylized Sunflowers, by Fused Glass Artist Tom Zachman

Beautiful Green Glass Plate with Fused Sunflowers, by Glass Artist Tom Zachman

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