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A Taste of Clothesline

Alison Kurek

Tiny Original Paintings by Alison Kurek

September 12 & 13
Saturday, 9:30 – 6:00
Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00
Clothesline Festival

500 University Avenue
Rochester NY 14607

Alison Kurek
Beachcomber Designs
Bird Carver Extraordinaire

Robin Salsbury

Robin Salsbury, Bird Carver Extraordinaire

Cabbages & Kings Stationery
Cat Clay
Crazy About Glass
Flying Whale Studios1st Place in Photography, 2015 Hammondsport Art Show
Generous Spirit Jewelry Designs
KreationalityAward Winner, 2014 Artist Row
Laura Wilder1st Place in Painting/Drawing/Graphics, Corn Hill Arts Festival 2015
Lisa Jane Smith Illustration
Patricia Overmoyer
Sage Studios

Betsy Murray

Betsy Murray, Sunshine on Water

Sunshine on Water
Studio Etc./Joanne Andrews
The Tea Pottery
Wooly Things

Anita Serafin, Crazy About Glass

Anita Serafin, Crazy About Glass

Bob & Karen Holtz, Generous Spirit Designs

Bob & Karen Holtz, Generous Spirit Designs

Getting Back on Their Feet

Today’s post is a ‘reprint’ of a new page I set up to help Kevin & Mary Schoonover get back on their feet. The Schoonovers page is here and I encourage you to make liberal use of the sharing options at the bottom of the page, which will remain on our website until September 15. Thanks!


As lots of people in our art community now know, Kevin & Mary Schoonover incurred substantial loss at the Waterfront Art Festival on Saturday, July 27, 2013. Mary’s arm was broken (requiring surgery), their tent was ruined and years of work destroyed in an instant. A sudden rainstorm with very high winds kicked up on Canandaigua Lake and moved inland quickly. Kevin and Mary are professional artists with years of outdoor show experience so their high quality tent was well weighted. I’ll let Kevin tell the story from here.

July 29

So, Saturday. Canandaigua.

We saw the storm coming on the iPad and dropped one of the side walls of our Craft Hut tent. Both sides plus the front had been open all day and the rain was minor. The wind was far stronger earlier in the day. We even took down the banner to limit the potential “sail” effect. And we continued not selling artwork as we had done all afternoon.

KevinOnce it became evident that real weather was coming we went out to lower the other side. But I couldn’t get the zipper to align. Try as I might, I just couldn’t get it started. I got the step stool, thinking some additional height might give me more leverage, but to no avail.

Then I made, what I believe to be, my biggest mistake.

I untied the lower corner of the back wall from the Stabar thinking it might give me some slack to get it zipped. It gave no more quarter — I have a newfound respect and understanding for how sailboats can move so fast and efficiently when the wind is howling — but it did allow the gusts to get inside and under the tent.

And once that happens…

All my display walls and work are attached to the tent to give it additional weight which would have been perfect had the tent walls been knitted together. We were fine at Clothesline last fall and at LARAC and Fairport earlier this year when similar, heavy winds struck. They simply pushed against the sides and the weight kept everything in place.

When the tent went flying, so did all my work. And with the tent wrapped around the city lamp pole across the sidewalk from us, all the matted work in bins got steadily soaked. Complete and total loss of four years worth of work.

Mary was still back on the unzipped corner and in the blink of an eye, sailed twenty feet over me with the tent.

I didn’t see or hear her, but since I was fine, I assumed she was too. So I hopelessly/helplessly started gathering flung work. It wasn’t til I got to where she was lying on the ground that I realized, it could get worse.

She broke her radius and ulna where they attach to the wrist. The orthopedist set them, but upon looking at the x-rays after, decided that surgery is required to properly align the larger bone. We are meeting doctors at Strong tomorrow; surgery will be sometime this week.

Unable to lower her arm, she is at home resting comfortably. NOT! If you know her at all, sitting quietly is not something she is good at. I finally convinced her to fill the Vicodan prescription.

Her joke: “I guess when people ask, I am the flying whale.”

We met with our insurance agent this morning and though FWS is insured, it won’t even be close to enough to cover everything.

So many people — vendors, security, patrons, volunteers — were so kind. Gathering work, covering Mary and keeping her calm — Allie was especially awesome there, cleaning up and dismantling the Escher-esque horror show that was the booth, storing work overnight, commiserating and not lecturing. Thanks to everyone who helped on site or who sent kind thoughts and prayers after. I don’t know who most of you are, but I’ll never forget you.

I don’t know what our next move is. Waiting for a check from the insurers and Mary’s surgery are at the top of the list.

Lewiston is two weeks away and I don’t know if we’ll make it even if enough money comes through to start over (Mary can’t exactly help set up a tent). We’ll keep you apprised.

Kevin & Mary

PS — Though everything else was a total loss, my travel mug didn’t spill a drop of tea.

And so it goes.

Flying Whale Studios: 1st Place in Photography, 2012 Quaker Arts Festival; 1st Place in Photography at 2012 Christkindl Market; Best in Show, 2013 Art in the Park; 2nd Place in Photography, 2013 Hammondsport Art Show

Flying Whale Studios: 1st Place in Photography, 2012 Quaker Arts Festival; 1st Place in Photography at 2012 Christkindl Market; Best in Show, 2013 Art in the Park; 2nd Place in Photography, 2013 Hammondsport Art Show

August 2

So, Mary’s surgery is postponed til next Thursday. The CT scan today showed the fracture to be displaced (which means the ends of the broken bones don’t align — we looked it up). It’s not too bad, just a lot of pain.

My mom is on the committee for The Wheat Festival in King Ferry, NY and she convinced us to bring some surviving work and some Santas down tomorrow. We’re gonna play up Mary’s bright purple cast and see what happens. Ho ho ho!

I spent all our money this week on a new tent — the insurance will cover MOST of it.

And, even though she will only be two days post-op (if one employs some “fuzzy” math), we’re still gonna go to Lewiston next weekend. Even if I could convince them to refund my booth fee, I can’t earn a living by staying home. I re-booked the hotel I cancelled earlier in the week and we’re foraging ahead.

And so it goes.

“I had him since I was a little girl,” cried the lady at the barn sale, casually flinging him to this rotted chair in the shed. “‘Bubbles’ ain’t for sale.” (Phelps, NY)

“I had him since I was a little girl,” cried the lady at the barn sale, casually flinging him to this rotted chair in the shed. “‘Bubbles’ ain’t for sale.” (Phelps, NY)

I’ve known Kevin and Mary for a few years now and they are some of my favorite people. They are super creative in a multitude of ways, hard-working and very funny. They make a good team. After thoughtful consideration, they agreed to let me set up this page to allow their friends and community to help them get back on their feet. You can donate directly to their PayPal account with the donate button below.

I also encourage you to pop over to the Flying Whale Studios website and explore Kevin’s photographic works of art. You must read the captions – so brilliant! He also sells his work on his website, so that might be a nice way to support them as well.

I know they thank you from the bottom of their hearts!

Etsy Tools

I mentioned in a previous post that one of my goals for 2012 is to reopen my Etsy shop.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Etsy – not even sure I can explain why. There are pros and cons to it and all online selling platforms. To quote hilarious Rochester Artisan Kevin Schoonover, “Potato/Tomahto”. (See? Told ya!)

The first step was to completely re-design my Pine Tree Designs website, which I’ve done, using some sage advice I learned on the Rochester Artisans email list. I used and am quite happy with the way it turned out.

I discontinued the blog I had on my previous site, originally started as a personal blog, And Another Thing…, on Sept 4, 2001. It had run it’s course, as things do. I found I was far more interested in blogging here because Rochester Artisans is ALL I want to talk about anymore!

After I was satisfied with the website, I started work on the Etsy shop. I’ve adjusted some of the text and was thrilled to find a free banner that I could add my shop name to that suites my product style perfectly. Adorable, yes?

I have to smile every time my page of Etsy Favorites shows up – there’s such a common theme among the things I’ve tagged as favorites. Definitely colorful and more times than not, round and symmetrical. Yep, that’s me!

I’ve also mentioned before how much I am loving Handmadeology these days. I generally glance at the daily email, then save them so I can really read everything that night or over the weekend.

Today, the article on a tool that allows you to easily add an Etsy Treasury to your website or blog instantly caught my eye. (And check out that stunning paper bead necklace in the treasury used as an example.) I spent a ridiculous amount of time a few years ago, trying to do just that – using the free Screen Grab program I’d downloaded. It was kind of a nightmare so I thought it must User Error, even though I consider myself of average computer intelligence. I just read through some comments under the article and apparently it wasn’t just me.

I’ve never created a Treasury or paid a ton of attention to them, but they are definitely a cool thing – and very Stefani – squares of art all lined up in a grid – are you kidding me?? 🙂

An using this new tool – the selections in the treasury are clickable, linked right to the Etsy shop that sells that piece. Genius!

Speaking of squares of art all lined up in a grid, I’ve swooned over Pinterest here before – and my addiction has certainly not decreased one iota. Now I see Etsy has a built in Pin It button on each item listed. That is a dream come true! I’ve been wanting to create a board of my own art, once I get it loaded to Etsy. And I’ve been wanting to create a board called Art Made by Rochester Artisans or something.

Because yeah, I’m pretty sure I need to spend even more time on Pinterest. At least I’ll be able to justify it “for business”. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Canandaigua Art & Music Festival

Friday, July 15- Sunday, July 17, 2011

Over 100 vendors
Best Music in the Region
Kids Korridor & Family Stage

12pm -8pm, Friday

10am-6pm Saturday & Sunday

See and purchase the work of Rochester Artisans, extraordinary photographer Kevin Schoonover and supremely talented Ana Schneller Dooley.

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