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Artistry by Lisa Marie

Rochester Artisans 10 Questions Interview

1. What is your name and what is your business name? Where can we find you through social media? LisaMarie_WorkingInStudio
I am Lisa Marie, owner of the studio “Artistry By Lisa Marie.” You can also find me on Facebook (ArtistryByLisaMarie) and Instagram (ArtistryByLisaMarie).

2. How long have you been an artist and how did you get started?
I was born with a crayon in my hand and was always drawing as a child. While working on my MA in Art History in Florence Italy, I realized I preferred creating art over studying art made by others. After I returned to the states I opened my studio, that was five years ago.

3. Explain a bit about your process, please.
My process depends on what I am creating. If it’s a custom pencil portrait based on a photo, I carefully study facial proportions – similar to the drawing techniques I learned from the Renaissance Masters that I studied in Italy. I slowly layer shadows and color to create a realistic portrait. If I am working on a coloring page – I always draw them by hand then upload them onto the computer to create digital files customers can buy online.


4. What’s the comment heard most about your art?
Most comments are actually questions – can I blend two photos into one drawing? Can I take a small photo and turn it into a big commission? Can I enhance/takeaway a feature? The answer is almost always “YES”!

5. What is one thing people find surprising about how your art is created?
Many people seem surprised that my work is colored pencil. They see the rich colors and assume it’s paint.

6. What’s the one tool you couldn’t live without, in creating your art?
My eraser. Love. Love. Love my eraser.

7. How has your art changed over time?
I have become more precise in custom portraits – definitely more technically accurate proportions. But I’ve also learned it’s OK to have fun with other features – such as hair, clothing, and tweaking eyes to bring them to life.

8. What’s your favorite part about making your pieces? Least favorite?
I love the feeling that I’m helping people cherish someone special with a portrait. With my coloring pages, my favorite part is when customers send me photos of their finished artwork. Least favorite is the same for both – there’s never enough time! I always think there’s just “one more thing” to do.

9. What’s your dream project?
I’m already doing it. Every commission and coloring page is a unique challenge that inspires me to draw something different – and that’s exactly what I want with each project in my studio.

10. Where is your art available for purchase?

You can find my etsy shop at, my blog is and I also list pricing info there.

Blank realm of paper and pencil

Blank ream of paper and pencil

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