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Michelle Roberts: The Hallmark Dream

I met Michelle Roberts a few years ago when we had lunch to sift through ideas on some projects between Rochester Artisans and her branding & design business, Novus|Be Known. I could tell immediately that she’s the real deal, very creative and very motivated.

But even before that I knew Michelle on Facebook through her beautiful Messenger Birds. Simple design, beautiful form & finish and interactive because they come with a blank scroll of paper for your special message for the recipient of your gift.

I wanted to share my story of how my craft is now in Hallmark stores across the country. I wanted to let our fellow artisans know that Hallmark is looking for artisans and their handmade craft to sell in the stores. They are repositioning themselves as more of a handmade, support-the-artist company which lends some awesome opportunity to all artisans! I thought this was some useful information coming from someone whose dream just came true!!

Hallmark Story

"I knew I could do it and I just did it."

“I knew I could do it and I just did it.”

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