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Artisan Beautification Fair – March 22

Beautification Fair 2014 Poster

March 22
10:00 – 4:00
Beautification Fair

Schlegel Road Elementary School
1548 Schlegel Road
Webster, NY 14580

Adora Designs
Beautiful Bowtique
The Dizzy Crafter
Happy Happy
Mary Terziani Glass1st Place in Glass, 2013 Brockport Arts Festival
Outside the Box Art Gallery
Shiny Bits Jewelry
Sunshine on Water

Beautiful Bowtique

Beautiful Bowtique

Happy Happy

Happy Happy

Mary Terziani Fused Glass

Mary Terziani Fused Glass

Heather Danielson, Shinybits Jewelry

Heather Danielson, Shinybits Jewelry

Betsy Murray, Sunshine on Water

Betsy Murray, Sunshine on Water


Marian Cameron, of Outside the Box Art Gallery

Marian Cameron, of Outside the Box Art Gallery

Rochester Artisans Gatherings

Square Logo 200x200 No Border

My intention, in 2009, of setting up Rochester Artisans as an email group was because we’re all busy running our art businesses, in addition to day jobs, families and life. I didn’t see us having regular meetings.

Then something happened over the years. We got to know each other, met in person at shows and discovered we like each other. So in 2012 and 2013 we had an annual social event, held in the winter when we’re all a bit less busy. Both times, people said, “This is fun, we should do it more often!”

So in 2014 we are holding monthly gatherings, on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. I thought it would be fun to meet at various locations around town, mostly coffee shops. That takes care of the food & drink aspect and since coffee shops often have arrangements with artists for showing their work, I thought some good connections might be made.

I started a list of places that were open past 7:00 on Wednesdays, mostly in the city, to provide easy access for eastsiders and westsiders. I didn’t fill all 12 months with suggestions, but I came close.

In January we met at Joe Bean Coffee Roasters on University Avenue. It’s a really nice place (and boy, do they know their coffee) but didn’t really fulfill our spatial needs like I’d hoped.

Then in February something happened to change my thinking. Outside the Box Art Gallery invited us to hold our gathering in their space. Not being centrally located in the city didn’t seem to deter anyone from driving to Fairport. We had a good turnout (15ish, I’d say), even some non-members stopped by to see what this Rochester Artisans group is all about. It was lots of fun to see all the art in the gallery and learn more about how they operate.

I could not be happier that it was such a win-win for all. The gallery is getting some new members, RA members made new connections with each other, some found selling opportunities with the gallery, purchases were made from the gallery. And it was really fun!

So that’s our new Gathering model – to hold them in locally owned galleries & stores who work with artists. What a great way to gain exposure and make connections!

Before I sit down to revise my spreadsheet schedule, replacing coffee shops with galleries & stores, I thought I’d open the floor for invitations, so to speak. We meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 5:00 – 7:00. It’s kind of an open house, people can come & go, but most stay the full two hours. Beyond that, we’re open to suggestions. Email me at with ideas and suggestions.

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Call for Artists: For the LOVE of (SUB)Urban ART

(Click image to enlarge.)

(Click image to enlarge.)

A collaboration between Create Art 4 Good Studios-Rochester, NY & Outside the Box Gallery, Fairport NY. A portion of the sales will go to Dimitri House of Rochester.

SUBMISSIONS TAKEN: Create Art 4 Good Studios 1115 East Main Street- Suite #201 (door 5) Rochester, NY 14609

Tuesday, January 26th 4-8pm, Thursday, January 28th 4-8pm and Saturday February 1st 9am until 1pm

ENTRY FEE: $15 for up to two pieces/ 35% of the sale price- Entry fee payable upon submission of work.

For more information, contact:
Susan Carmen-Duffy
Nancy Radzik


Marian Cameron


I met Marian Cameron at one of my shows, last year I think it was. She introduced herself to tell me she was taken by the mandala-esque quality of my designs. She told me how she is inspired by mandalas too, in digitally creating her artwork, using bits of photographs she’s taken over the years. Her new work is aptly named, Beyond Photography.

The digital darkroom of today allows me to develop photo-altering techniques such as Color Shifting, Image Quartering, and Print Weaving. Marian_Cameron

Once these techniques are applied to my digital negative files, the final work is then converted to limited edition archival prints available for sale.

The subjects used for the quartered images are natural forms found only in nature. When using the color shifting process​, architectural forms become almost impressionistic.


Marian is currently the Featured Artist at Outside the Box Art Gallery!

Kaleidoscope Buds

Kaleidoscope Buds

Outside the Box Art Gallery
1000 Turk Hill Road, Bldg 9
Fairport, NY 14450


Tues & Thurs: 12-6:30pm
Wed & Fri: 12-3pm
Sat: 10-4pm

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